Soulmate Crisis Point

We talk about the soulmate crisis point in many of our articles. So we are explaining it here so there is greater understanding of this difficult period most, if not all, soulmate couples will face.


The moment of union with your soulmate for the first time is a magical, other-worldly experience. That first encounter between you will be more than you can ever imagine. You know right away, from this point forward, there is no turning back. And it changes your perceptions about love and romance forever.

There’s a knowing this person has come into your life for a reason. And, yes they most certainly have. Your chemistry, when you’re together, is off the charts. Everything you ever hoped to experience with your soulmate will be there. There’s great communication, spending tons of time together and the best sex of your life. You realize you’ve found your ‘happy ever after’ and embark upon fantasizing about this perfect, drama free relationship.

And then comes the soulmate crisis point.

All soulmate relationships have a purpose. Their intention is to aid in your spiritual evolution and help you along with growth on your spiritual path. Soulmates can, of course, grow and evolve from their positive behaviors towards one another. With loving support and guidance, soulmates can readily help one another release thoughts and behaviors no longer serving them.

Soulmate Crisis Point
Soulmate Crisis Point

They can be each other’s cheerleader. And with positive encouragement find courage and strength to take an honest look at themselves to address issues hindering them on their spiritual journey. But more often than not, people don’t willingly do that for some reason. So instead the catalyst of growth and change comes from soulmate crisis points.


A soulmate crisis point is the a make it or break it point in the relationship. A fork in the road, if you will. A situation arises between the soulmate couple, and they’re faced with the decision of how to act and react in response to it. These are where lessons present themselves. And these lessons shape the future of the relationship.

If the couple embraces the lesson, the relationship will move forward and be stronger for it. If the lesson is resisted, the relationship takes quite a beating. The universe provides the lesson, but doesn’t provide the solution. In order for advancement, each soul must do the work themselves. Soulmate relationships have an amazing way of revealing what areas of the soul must be healed in order for the soul to evolve.

In their highest form, soulmate relationships are about unconditional love. Unconditional love means to love without any conditions attached to it. When a soulmate comes from a place of unconditional love, our love for them should provide an environment for them to do what’s necessary to evolve, grow, transform and be happy. But we must also have that same love for ourselves.

You must love yourself enough to allow for healing to take place. It’s about having faith and following the path the Universe wants you to take. And this allows you to see the Universe and your soulmate have your back. And it won’t be easy. The most important thing to cling to, at every soulmate crisis point, is the faith you have in your connection with your soulmate. If you can hold onto that, you can overcome each and every soulmate crisis point the two of you encounter.

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  1. This is the hardest journey I have ever been on. I just want to see him. He is SO close in my mind, in my soul, I feel like he’s here, or that I’m talking to a ghost.


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