Soulmate Alchemy Creates Personal and Spiritual Growth

Soulmate alchemy is important for all soulmate relationships. But what is soulmate alchemy?

As individuals we must experience alchemical transformation. We must do that for the soulmate relationship to overcome challenges and obstacles to soulmate union.


Soulmates are gifted an everlasting connection but there’s still much work to be done. It must first begin with each individual in the relationship. So many soulmate relationships get stuck at a crisis point. Many couples believe the simple fact of sharing a connection will automatically grant them the key to success.

This is not true. Yes, the connection is always there because it’s eternal. But in order for it to stay strong and on the right path, each person must do some soul searching and healing for growth and positive change to occur.

Two unhealthy people can’t create a healthy relationship together unless they’re healthy themselves. A soulmate bond doesn’t fix wounds simply by it’s presence. In soulmate relationships those wounds are magnified in such a way that they can no longer be ignored.

There are several stages of soulmate alchemy on a soulmate journey. We will try to explain them below:

Stage one: Calcination

This stage occurs when we discover we’re no longer satisfied with materialism. We long for something more, something deeper rather than superficial.

When it comes to relationships, this awakening may occur after a long-term bad relationship comes to an end. Or it happens when a series of bad relationships create a desire for a deeper connection to someone. This is the start of our journey of self discovery and following our soul’s path.

Stage two: Dissolution

In this stage we’re forced to take a look at what has been holding us back, and what we must release. Without doing so we can’t evolve and change. What has kept us stuck in the past, or chasing goals that no longer serve us, often stem from trauma we bury in our past.

So in order to find successful, fulfilling relationships we must begin to establish a new relationship with ourselves. We must look at painful memories so we can heal those parts of us that are keeping us from finding a true sense of self worth. Finally, we must allow ourselves to see that we’re worthy of a loving relationship.

Soulmate Alchemy
Soulmate Alchemy

Stage three: Separation

Here we separate ourselves from past narratives and behaviors that set us back and keep us in the victim role. We have to discard these triggers and incorporate new ways of responding to negative behaviors.

We have to be willing to let go of the labels people have chosen for us and redefine how we see ourselves. It’s time to overcome the past and come from a place of strength. By giving ourselves credit for surviving and thriving, we let go of our former behavior of self sabotage.

Stage four: Conjunction

Having finished stages one through three it’s now time to combine the work and learned lessons. It’s time to redefine ourselves and the world around us. We now can create boundaries and enforce them.

Also we feel free to choose who we surround ourselves with by choice, rather than by obligation. We’re no longer concerned with the thoughts and opinions of other people. We know our truth and find peace in it. Our standards have risen in ourselves and in those we allow into our circle.

Stage five: Fermentation

This stage is where all our growth is put to the test. It’s time to see if the lessons have truly been learned and to validate that the change is permanent. These tests, although difficult and painful, allow for even more growth.

There’s a sense of strength that comes with the acknowledgement of personal perseverance. In a relationship, going through hardships almost always make the couple’s bond feel even stronger because it weathered the storm.

Stage six: Distillation

This is the stage where we look beyond ourselves. Having spent so much time focusing on our personal awareness, we now look at how we’re a part of the collective. Here we let go of ego and selfishness and become more focused
on giving back and helping others be the best versions of themselves.

Stage seven: Coagulation

In the seventh stage a new level of spiritual awakening begins. It’s a meeting between this world and the spiritual realm and our acknowledgement they’re not separate entities. In relationships this is about going outside one’s own ego and outside the union. Here we focus more on the greater good and the role they play in it.

Each individual in a soulmate couple must go through these stages for the relationship to thrive and evolve. In most cases, soulmates can meet one another at any stage and often aren’t on the same stage at the same time.

Originally posted on 2020-09-10 @ 6:40 pm

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