Divine Timing and Soulmates: When is the Right Time?

Divine timing is a major characteristic of soulmate relationships.

Timing and soulmates should not appear in the same sentence because it can be truly confusing, even to us.

Some people will meet a soulmate when they’re young. Others connect with a soulmate later in life. There’s no set time or date on when a soulmate will enter your life. It’s all based on divine timing, set by the Universe.


Not everyone can meet their soulmate at the same time in their lives. Some are lucky enough to find their soulmate early on. But others have to wait what may feel to them like several lifetimes. It’s all based on the spiritual blueprint for their lives and the experiences they need for fulfillment of personal destinies. We gain these experiences through our journey here on Earth and the choices we make on a daily basis create our path.

Divine Timing and Soulmates: When is the Right Time?
Divine Timing and Soulmates

We are partially responsible for the timing of a soulmate’s entry into our lives. For instance, you could make a bad decision by staying in the wrong relationship way past it’s expiration date. Instead of letting it go and freeing yourself from a dysfunctional relationship, you stay. And you stay, and stay.

You’ve probably wasted a ton of time trying to make the wrong person the right person. Look at all the negative experiences you went through because you kept hoping for change that was never going to materialize.

Sure, the universe often brings soulmates together when they’re not single. But that’s usually when the relationships have gone on way too long. If the relationships actually end when they reach their expiration date, the timing of a soulmate meeting could happen a lot sooner. While the timing of a soulmate union isn’t completely up to us, the choices we make will have an effect on the timing. So choose wisely.


Think about the long-term effects of the choices you make. You don’t have to focus on the timing, the “when will I meet my soulmate”. And please don’t obsess about it. Just have faith that the universe knows what they’re doing and leave it to them.

Keep your focus on yourself. Look closer at the spiritual path you’re on. A spiritual journey is mostly a solitary one. Many people ignore their spiritual practice when they are caught up in the rush of a soulmate relationship. Well, until that relationship goes south.

It’s a good time to put some energy into you. Take the time to think about where you see yourself in 3 years, 5, years, 10 years and beyond. Are you on the right path to make that all happen? If not, you may need to concentrate on what you have to do to get yourself on the right path. Put your energy there for now. What can you learn from your previous relationships? What mistakes have you made when you look back on them?

Are there any changes you need to make in your life before the Universe brings a soulmate? It’s time to make yourself the best self you can be. Just like you take the time to dress nice, smell good, put on makeup and do your hair to go on any date, prepare yourself for your soulmate meeting. Want to lose weight? Stop smoking? Be less insecure and more confident?

Consider putting yourself through a soulmate bootcamp. Here you make changes you need to make before you meet your soulmate. Or you’ll have to do them when a soulmate is in your life.

Soulmate relationships force those things about you that you should have changed long ago to surface. Getting rid of them beforehand will allow your soulmate relationship to flourish without having to focus on issues you needed to change.


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