Setting Boundaries With a Soulmate

Setting boundaries with a soulmate is very important.

Just because you share a deep connection you still need to set and enforce boundaries. As a matter of fact, soulmates tend to need boundaries more than most couples do.


Soulmate relationships involve both parties learning valuable life lessons. But instead of learning their lessons they act out instead. This is why boundaries are necessary. Do not take for granted that your soulmate will just somehow know what to do and what not to do. That is unrealistic.

Setting Boundaries With a Soulmate
Setting Boundaries With a Soulmate

From the beginning you both should think and talk about what your expectations are. Be clear and precise And don’t hold back. Communicate the kind of relationship you want and what you will need your partner to do (or not do) to achieve that.

For some reason people tend to think everyone wants the same things in relationships. Or even the same kind of relationship. That could not be further from the truth.

Dysfunctional relationships exist because some people want them. Affairs and cheating happen because some people don’t want to be monogamous. Some people have on/off relationships because one or both of them enjoy that drama. Find out what kind of relationship you both want and set relationship rules right away.


You must also be prepared to enforce those boundaries as well. Without enforcement a boundary is meaningless. If they’re crossed one too many times you may have to separate for a while to get your point across. Just talking about it isn’t going to work. All that does is show how little you respect your own boundaries. So of course they will disrespect them too. If you want someone to believe a boundary is important to you then show them. Don’t just talk about them.

Think back to why your past relationships didn’t work. Think about what behavior made you unhappy. What was missing?

Think about what ended your past relationships. This is how you discover the proper boundaries for you. Listen to your soulmate when they tell you what they expect from you. Know that although you have a connection there will be repercussions if you step over a boundary of theirs. Don’t think soulmates can get away with anything and everything. Soulmates can have dysfunctional relationships too, and what they all have in common is a lack of boundaries.

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