Is My Soulmate Seeing Someone Else?

Is my soulmate seeing someone else? This question seems to come up constantly and continually whenever someone’s soulmate starts behaving oddly. Even if they know for a fact that their soulmate is knee-deep in a work project and completely stressed out about it, they still ask us “Is my soulmate seeing someone else?”

It isn’t like soulmates never see someone else and cheat, because they are like every other couple on the planet and it can happen to anyone. Everyone should be smart enough to look for and see the signs that their soulmate is seeing someone else. The problem arises when that is the first conclusion they always jump to.

It could be they always think their soulmate may be seeing someone else because they have been cheated on before. But just because your last relationship involved cheating does not mean your current one does too. No one wants to be the one to suffer from someone else’s mistakes, especially your soulmate. What your ex did to you sucks and hurt you very much but that does not give you the right to accuse them of cheating.

Is My Soulmate Seeing Someone Else?

Is My Soulmate Seeing Someone Else?

If they have done enough to earn your trust then that should be enough. If there really are red flags that is one thing, but just using your vivid imagination is another. Many soulmates experience a soulmate separation because one of them could not deal constant accusations of cheating when they weren’t. They became angry there was no trust in the relationship after so much time spent together and doing nothing wrong. Finally they could not take it anymore and walked away.

If you have insecurity or abandonment issues you probably worry all the time that your soulmate may be seeing someone else. Your soulmate cannot fix those issues for you, and it is not their job to fix them either. That is up to you. If you don’t either work on yourself, or get some help to resolve those issues, you are creating an environment in your relationship where you could lose your soulmate down the line. You are creating a self-fulfilling prophecy and sabotaging your relationship. You don’t want, so don’t think you are going to get away with it indefinitely.

If you have good reason to believe your soulmate is seeing someone else, then address it with your soulmate right away. They may deny it even if they are, so you may have to be covert to get some proof. If they come clean, and once emotions are dialed down, you are going to have to discuss where you go from here. If you are both willing to work at it and put the past behind you, then you both have to be committed to doing just that.

You cannot hold onto to your anger and punish them forever. Of course your soulmate has to understand it will take a long time before you let go of that anger and that they do deserve some punishment for betraying you like that. If you and your soulmate work together towards healing your broken heart then your broken relationship has a good chance of surviving this.

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  1. My soulmate keeps going back to his wife! He tells me how much he hates her and then keeps going back to her! I can’t take it!

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