Are You Neglected By Your Soulmate?

Do you feel neglected by your soulmate?

Soulmates, like other couples, can experience neglect in their relationships. Our lives get so busy that our relationships have a low priority. We expect our partners to love us but often make our relationships a low priority.


There are many excuses for neglecting a soulmate. Being busy at work, busy with the children or being busy with family drama are just a few examples. We all have reasons and excuses. But that doesn’t excuse us from neglecting our partner. A soulmate couple doesn’t stay together simply because of their connection.

Are You Neglected By Your Soulmate?
Are You Neglected By Your Soulmate?

If you’re a workaholic, don’t expect your soulmate to hang in there day after day, month after month, and year after year if you make them a low priority. Even soulmates can take only so much.

You may say you don’t have enough time, but you do. Almost everyone can make more time if they try. And even soulmates need to make more of an effort. People grow apart when they don’t spend enough personal time together. A connection brings you together, but it won’t keep you together if you never see one another, or express your thoughts and ideas.


When you’re emotionally neglected by your soulmate, it’s also a problem. At any given time in a relationship the balance can become off kilter. When one partner is going through a rough patch, the relationship tends to revolve around them.

There’s nothing wrong with that at all, except when the relationship always revolves around one partner. Are you emotionally available for your soulmate? Do you expect them to handle things themselves? Does your soulmate expect you to get emotional support from your friends or family?

Soulmates need to give each other the floor sometimes and let it be all about them. We can’t expect them to handle their problems by themselves. We should give as much emotional support as we get.

Your soulmate may be a strong person, but don’t take for granted that they don’t need any support from you at all. When your soulmate talks about something that’s bothering them, or their feelings about something, keep your mouth shut for a while. Listen to them carefully. Do not interrupt. Give them the floor to vent if they need to. Learn to share the top spot. Give them the time that they need from you to feel heard. Validate their feelings, don’t try to minimize them.

When you’re neglected by your soulmate you wind up feeling lonely. If you’re in a relationship and feel lonely, something is wrong. One of the top causes is neglect. Before your relationship gets any worse, check yourself (and your soulmate) and start making the relationship and each other a top priority.

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