Has Your Soulmate Lost Interest in You?

Has your soulmate lost interest in you?

Has your soulmate become the only important member of your partnership? Is it always about them, never you? Your soulmate expects you to do things for them and be there for them. But does it seem they never have the time or interest for you? What do you do if your soulmate has lost interest in you, except when they need you?


It’s easy when you first meet your soulmate to make them the most important thing in your life. You wait for so long for them to finally come into the picture. And now that they’ve presented themselves, you will do anything for them. You drop everything if they need you. You’ll loan them money, let them cry on your shoulder and even take on the role of their personal assistant.

Has Your Soulmate Lost Interest in You?
Has Your Soulmate Lost Interest in You?

But what about you? Has your soulmate lost interest in your life and what is going on with you? Have they stopped doing the little things that mean so much to you? Well you could be playing a role in this and actually help create this situation.

You may have gone overboard and stayed there way too long. At first there may have been an even flow between you, with each of you giving and receiving. You gave 100% and they gave 100%.

You may have shown less interest in your own life by always putting them first. So your soulmate followed suit. You showed them by your own actions that your life, interests, work and goals take a backseat to theirs. If you continually showed them they were the priority, eventually they may follow your lead.

Then, if continued like this even longer, your lower priority becomes the norm. So now what? Please don’t think talking to them is going to fix everything. This was not created by conversation and it won’t be fixed by conversation either. It was created by action and response. And it has to be changed the same way.


You don’t have to be nasty or combative but you do have to take a stand. The fact is your soulmate has lost interest in what’s going on with your needs, desires, goals, emotions and thoughts.

So the first thing you have to do is turn your focus back onto yourself. If you want to make your soulmate interested in you again, you have to get your interest and focus back on yourself. Not as a couple, but as an individual. Pull back the time, attention and priority you give them. Mirror your soulmate. If they take time doing for themselves and putting themselves first, than so can you.

Your time is just as valuable as theirs. And if they want your time, they need to give you that time as well. If they want you to help them out, or do favors for them, they need to reciprocate. When they ask you to pick up their dry cleaning tell them you will. But they have to take your car in for servicing or you won’t have the time. If your soulmate says they don’t have time, then say you’re sorry, and you wish you could help, but you have things of your own that come first.

Make yourself more interesting to them by showing your own interest in yourself. Don’t wait for them to ask you about your day. Just start talking about it. If they only bring up their own topics, then find a way to bring yours into the conversation. It’s a reminder to them that you have a life too.

Lead by example. It’s not that difficult to make a soulmate who has lost interest regain it. You just have to do it the right way by improving the quality of your soulmate relationship.

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