Do Soulmates Reunite? Of Course They Do!

Can soulmates reunite even years later? Of course they can. Many who have contacted us believe they’ll never hear from their soulmate again because too much time has passed. It could be a period of months, years or even a decade and soulmates reunite all the time.


Sometimes, when soulmates meet at a young age they need more time to mature and create changes needed to build a strong relationship. They may also need time to get further along on their spiritual journey. Some soulmate couples, regardless of their age, create way too much drama. And can’t get the relationship moving in the right direction. But no matter how much time passes, there’s always a chance that soulmates can reunite.

Do Soulmates Reunite?
Do Soulmates Reunite?

Soulmates separate for various reasons and get involved with other people. But they never forgot a soulmate. Usually when they find themselves free and single, down the road, they want to contact their soulmate again. They realize what they lost and are now ready to pursue it again.


Hopefully the soulmates use their time alone to work on themselves to get with the program. So before you put a time limit on how long soulmates can be apart, think again. There’s no time limit. If both parties find themselves in a place where they want to revisit their connection, time won’t mean a thing. When they do reunite, they notice the connection is still present and as strong as ever. The passage of time will feel irrelevant and things click with the new improved versions of their soulmate selves.

That’s not to say you should sit around and wait endlessly for your soulmate to return. A soulmate separation is a time for self-love and self-care. And not filling your time will soulmate anxiety and obsession. You should still live your life and do what’s right for you. You should pursue your own happiness in whatever way you need to make that happen. You can choose to date, or not to date, if you feel you’ve have given your soulmate a reasonable time to reunite with you. You will love again if you choose to.

You can do anything you want in the interim. That part is up to you. But don’t be too surprised, when you least expect it, your soulmate contacts you out of the blue. Even the universe many put you in each other’s paths again . Never say never, but of course, don’t stay stuck being miserable either.

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  1. I’m going the same exact thing maybe somebody can help or relate to me story a year ago 2021 I met this guy well first first off I had already been going through some things in my previous relationship so I was needing a friend to talk to you know to lean on but some how I came across this guy at my job he was almost perfect it seem like I had met him before seem like I known him forever one thing lead to another and everything happened so fast it was almost like love at first sight without even realizing this is my soulmate it was on a different level like we both was very connected on a spurt deeper level but a lot of mess had happened and stoped us from really being together he was hurt once he found out I had somebody months later we attempted to be together but it was heat in the moment so it didn’t happen so that forced us to separate no contact while that was going on we still are able to connect even when we are not talking a lot of pain anxiety etc fast foward till now 2022 I’m still in my relationship and now he is with somebody and apparently he is not happy because I’m his heart he wants his soulmate we can still feel the connection between one another is still there I’m not sure what that means but it won’t go away I’m just wondering with the universe is trying to tell me mind you I did try to be with my soul mate but he was so hurt and scared it didn’t happen now he is back again saying he’s ready I don’t know what to believe but there’s is definitely a deep connection between the 2 of us .

    • i understand that a lot. i met my soulmate like 5 months ago. keep in mind there is a age gap between us that made us seperate. I instantly clicked with him when we met for the first time. The universe already warned me that he would come so i knew his energy before. He instanty fell for me and it took a while for me, but i could feel the connection so well. it was so powerful, So magnetic and intense. After he broke things off becasue of the age gap, i could still sense the connection. it was lonely and sad. Like one piece was missing. Im currently in seperation and dont know if i will meet him ever again. But a piece of me knows that i will. I guess thats my intuition telling me that. But the fear is still there, since i have waited so many lifes times for him, yet he never returned. I have faith, yet also not. I dont rlly like to say his name out loud, because i feel the change and miss everything abt us. No one has to relate to me, but i rlly wish someone can give me an answer, to just ease a bit of fear.. i rlly do miss him, so this article is rlly true. every single word.

  2. Firstly, I would like to mention how accurate this article is, and secondly, I felt that I was meant to come across it.

    I have a long history with someone that I’ve dated on and off with. Every time, that we were apart, I always felt his presence and somehow had known, we were going to cross paths and be in each other’s lives again. For example, when I was dating another person and had issues, he knew that something just wasn’t right and okay on my end. It honestly felt as if the universe was making him feel what I was and had pushed him to come back. I remember while I was dating someone else, he and I would hang out. Then, it had hit me that every sign that I was seeing, was leading me back to him because it made me realize that, I still loved him and our connection was still there. It was like, I couldn’t resist him. My heart had ached for him and longed for him. It didn’t matter what his astrology sign was either.

    Of course, there were other instances and coincidences. Yet, it just makes me wonder if we do split again, how long would it take for us to reunite again. I have so many questions. Although we are having problems in this current relationship lifetime,, I know when something is off too. I just cannot see myself being only friends with him. We tried that, but it just didn’t work. All in all, I have my faith and trust in the universe, always.

    • I’m sorry. I hope you feel better now. And know you aren’t alone. If it is meant to be, then it will be. Just love and let love come to you. Be happy with who you are and accept your feelings. Life is good, we just have to open to seeing that!

    • It’s ok. You will be alright. You can’t live your life for them because you have to learn what you need to in order to grow and be the person you are. I will tell you my story. Perhaps that will make you feel better. I met this guy when I was 17. I fell in love with this guy deeply. Out of nowhere he broke up with me. I always thought it was because he had influences from others. He tried to correct it by being with me again but I felt like I was being used. Anyway I was heart broken over it so much that I moved as far away as I could at 18. Well I went through an intense turmoil and pain understanding that loving him as much as I did scared me and I couldn’t face him. I hated him for making me feel so much yet discarding me the way he was awful. Anyway for years I struggled with loving this guy and letting go. Sometimes it felt like his spirit was with me and at random times I would feel the most desperate aches. Eventually I let go. I still however didn’t want to return home because I knew there was a big chance we would run into each other. I didn’t want that. Through the years off and on we kept in contact with each other and always updated. Around 2011 I ended up back home and I didn’t know it but I we would end up in each other lives. Long story short a good three years ago we met up with each other. His expression of me was still in awe as if seeing me for the first time. He and I talked. I found out he had just got out of a relationship but I felt my spirit say he is not ready. On the surface I made myself create a reason to not be in his life and not deal with him. Well when you run fate has a way of pushing you towards the person. Which I found my space in vaded. Around the time I ran into him I began to do a lot of work on myself. I also was with someone else at the time on and off again I eventually split from him and decided to be single but he came in my head strongly to a point where I felt compelled to call him. I did and we have been seeing each other ever since. It hasn’t been easy to let go of the past but for him I’m so willing to work through it. It hasn’t been easy accepting the truth about how I feel versus how he feels but my love for him still remains and everyday we spend together makes me feel at ease. I love being around him and I wouldn’t change anything. He is such a beautiful soul and I’m glad we finally have our time. I don’t know if it will last but I won’t spend a single moment regretting it. I’m going to enjoy the time I had given up on happening. Your soul knows more about things than you think. If you feel that way don’t give it up but don’t stop living because he is not there.

    • He may not come to you this lifetime. Until both died trust me. You will see him. Again in another time and place or heaven !!! 4 years ago my beloved best friend died. Too I couldn’t do nothing but cry We inseparable. I also look signs red birds , dreams feathers I feel his very presents !! Please enjoyed yourself your life he want you to be happy in this life I do miss him every day he died way way too soon. At 52 celebrate his life. Remember good times you shared together don’t beat yourself up !!


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