Soulmate BreakUps: Will You Get Back Together?

Soulmate breakups are difficult to deal with and will not always lead to a reunion. You can get back together, but it really depends on what is written in your soulmate contract. There are no guarantees, expressed or implied from God, the Universe, the Angels, whomever … that a soulmate relationship is destined to be together for ever. Unfortunately, due to Hollywood, cheap romance novels and the New Age movement, there has been a definite overt romantic association on soulmates and soulmate relationships without a full comprehension of what they really are. Relationships are for a season, a  reason or a lifetime, soulmate relationships included.

soulmate breakups

Soulmate Breakups: Will You Get Back Together?

If you are contracted to be together for your lifetime, if this was something you and your soulmate agreed to in your soulmate agreement, you more than likely will be. So even after several soulmate breakups, you will still reunite to be together because that is part of your soulmate contract. But you could have also contracted to just be with your soulmate for an express reason, to learn a life lesson of great importance to you for future relationships that come into your life. Then again, you could have just made a contract with that soulmate to have them in your life for a season, a period of time, for a year or so and then move on.  Either way, the soulmate relationship will be one of great joy, great passion, great experiences and then great life lessons as you each fulfill with that other soul the reasons you wrote in your life blueprints and soulmate contracts to meet, spend time together and evolve.

For example, I know a lady who met a soulmate while she was married to a somewhat abusive, emotionally distant man. The soulmate was also married at the time. Their relationship was so connected they woke each other up in the middle of the night thinking about each other even though they were miles apart from each other. They knew it was destiny, fate and karma that had brought them together because he had just move from halfway around the world to work on a project at her company she was also involved in. They spent a lot of time together and although neither had an affair before, they had one. The connection was incredible and they fell in love. It was six months of pure bliss.

And then it happened. He made a big mistake that cost him his job and was forced to move far away. They had to separate and it was very difficult for both of them. They devised a plan to allow them to be together, each deciding to leave their spouse. She went first and went through the process of telling her husband she was leaving. She moved out and got an apartment on her own. Her soulmate changed his mind and decided to stay with his wife and told her he could never ever speak with her again. Talk about devastation. It was hard on her for two years but she moved through it and today she looks back and realizes the purpose of the soulmate contract with this guy was to give her the strength she needed to move out of a miserable marriage. He did finally leave his wife but heard through the grapevine she was getting married to someone else, which was not true by the way, but that is the Universe intervening to support the soulmate contract agreement. He was in her life for a reason and he fulfilled it. Now he is married to someone else.

When you meet your soulmate, you really enjoy the bond, the connection, the closeness and the intimacy the two of you share.  Life is great! You are happier than you have ever been in your life. You are soaring on the wings of love, literally, well at least you think you are. And then without fail something happens. After the initial period of perpetual togetherness, bliss, harmony and wonderful romantic sex-filled nights, BOOM!! It happens. There is a break, a break-up or one of you puts on the brakes in your soulmate relationship. Either you or your soulmate have hit that Soulmate Crisis Point where one of you has to leave the relationship for a period of time, or permanently, to focus on something or someone else. It happens. It is life. It is a soulmate relationship. And without fail, after watching these relationships for over 25-years, one of you, will have to break the soulmate bond.

Soulmate BreakUps: Will You Get Back Together?

Soulmate BreakUps: Will You Get Back Together?

When a soulmate leaves your life it can be very painful because you are so connected to them. But only through separation from your soulmate does the soul truly grow. Unfortunately we learn through pain. We never seem to learn valuable lessons when everything is going great in our lives, although I am sure there are some situations where this is so. Like a kid burning their hand on the stove to learn not to touch it, we will learn and grow spiritually through soulmate relationships when the soulmate leaves.

How do you navigate through the pain of the soulmate leaving? This is where you must learn to detach, let go and focus on yourself. We realize this is easier said than done, because it seems impossible to breathe when you no longer have that connection to the soulmate. We know and understand what you are going through. But get through it you must because that is the challenge and more than likely defined in your soulmate contract because it gives you the opportunity for the spiritual growth you need in your life. It is how you work through the soulmate separation anxiety that is true challenge and we agree it is very difficult.

You are probably filled with a great deal of despair, obsession, agony, countless hours of crying, talking endlessly with your friends to see if they think the soulmate is coming back into your life. You will probably also spend considerable time dwelling on them. More than likely your friends, because they care deeply for you and want you to be happy again, will tell you to let go and move on, that your soulmate is not coming back or getting back together with you. Remember when they do this it is because they truly have your best interest at heart. Your friends are connected to you and want the best for you.

If you really want to know what is going on with your soulmate relationship and whether or not your soulmate break-up is permanent, your best course of action is to have a private soulmate reading with a love psychic, relationship psychic, or soulmate psychic. During your soulmate reading, a soulmate psychic will be able to see if the split from your soulmate is forever. If so, they will need to give you guidance on how to move through this very difficult time in your life. Allowing yourself to dwell on the loss of your soulmate and spend months, and sometimes years, wondering and hoping if you will get back together, Sarah and Sophia, who are also Certified Life Coaches, will be able to help you move on, let go and work through the soulmate separation anxiety you are most certainly experiencing.

They will be able to see the details concerning your soulmate relationship. Soulmate relationships are very near and dear to your heart and when you are in one, and find you have reached the Soulmate Crisis Point, you will need someone to help you navigate through that crisis.

Soulmates split, there are soulmate breakups, they reunite and come back together at times, but not always. What is the outcome for you and your soulmate? Find out today so you can decide what course of action you need to take to get your life back on track while you wait for the return of you soulmate or make preparations to allow a new soulmate to enter your life. Either way, you will win, you may not see it now, but YOU WILL WIN.

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  3. My soulmate has broken up with me ,i know some of the reasons why this was, this was just over a week ago. This morning while asleep i woke up very quickly to a kiss on my lips from her. Reading your articul has givin me hope and strenth. Neil

  4. My soul mate broke up with me a little over a year ago. I think about him even when I don’t want to, little things remind me, and sadness envelopes me.
    He left me because he was scared; he couldn’t handle being so close to another person.
    I still love him with all my heart. I’ve been in two relationships since then, and the one I’m in now, with my current boyfriend….I love him but it isn’t the same. It will never be the same.
    I hope my soul mate comes back but it becomes easy to lose hope.
    He’s in a relationship now; and it hurts because I know she doesn’t know him like I do.
    He and I have had past lives together; we’ve had vivid shared memories of multiple ones.
    I’m still waiting for him, in a way, but I will I had some kind of reassurance he was coming back sometimes.

    • Sarah and Sophia are not able to provide personal guidance through our comments section due to time constraints. Please make arrangements with them for a private confidential reading.. Admin

  5. My soulmate and I broke up about a year ago. She is 25 and I am 29. We were together for about 7 years… And I could say no one in this world knows me as well as she does. She has been dealing with bad anxiety and depression… It’s been hard for her feeling ok with most of the aspects of her life and sadly we had to deal with long distance for quite long time. I’ve tried to improve as a person a lot since the break up… I even dated some other girls but seems pointless to me… I can’t get her out of my head. I tried to stop any kind of contact.. That’s what she asked for so even when it’s been so hard I’ve done it… In the end I love her so I respect her choices… She keeps contacting me though… Like every 2 or 3 weeks and I seriously don’t know what to do.The bond is pretty strong… I try to take it easy and keep it friendly… I avoid talking about my feelings towards her because I don’t wanna lose her. I’m really scared.

  6. I have an unbelievable soulmate, my twin flame in all its glory far beyond what most people even fantasize about. I read about soulmates not always staying together and it’s encouraging by heartbreaking because we were so extraordinary, I was consumed and tormented that I couldn’t stay with her. I left her many times and came back and each time I was more consumed by trying to make things work. Neglecting my work, texting hundreds of times daily and never being without her. It often felt right but when it didn’t I ran. I will miss her peace forever…Aw time!!!

  7. I met my soulmate last year. No doubt about it, we think and feel the same thing and our hearts beat at the same time. When I found out that he is married, he told me so and always wore a ring but each time i respected his marriage and leave his life the connection pulls me back. I gave in despite his marriage, I love him more than life but he is leaving this summer to his country, I am devastated and I am not sure how I will handle this alone. He is amazing but I don”t understand why we had to meet late.Even when he is gone, I will still love him.I am forever his for sure.

  8. Yes…i can feel mine too. He is not happy with his life at all…but he’s trying to be. I keep closing our connection bc he’s decided to stay in his marriage even tho he’s not really happy with her. He promised her he wouldn’t talk to me anymore…and he doesn’t…but I can feel wat he feels at his core. Things remind me of him and then I can’t shut it off. I’m not sure if i should tell his wife how unhappy he is or stay out of it and let it take it’s course. But i can tell u how sad it makes me to feel how unhappy he is.

    • This recently happened to me. I was in an abusive relationship and he came into my life and initially said he was getting separated, which with those words a door opened and I never felt a connection like this in my life. I began to research soulmates. Like clockwork we were inseparable via text and in person times as well never telling me to leave my abusive relationship just listening and supporting never judging the 4 months. Gave me the strength to forget about my abuser and find a place of my own. The week I moved into my new place, I could feel the feelings on his end were done . Him still living with the void in his marriage knowing I was something he never forget. The pain is unreal. Different than heartbreak. So much more on a telepathic soul level. I pray to be with him one day even though he is in 50s and I’m in 30s

  9. Out of curiosity… if we have free will, why can’t we rewrite our soulmate contracts while here on earth? Why does it have to be set in stone – doesn’t that take away free will? I lost someone that I believe to be my soulmate 5 months ago. He’s completely shut me out. I have no idea if he’ll ever be back, but I choose to wait for him. Even if it ultimately means I end up alone.

    I had a psychic reading that predicted I’d marry the antithesis of the type of man I’d ever be willing to marry — he has a child with another woman. I honestly took the purpose of this reading as one to show me what I needed to change within myself so as to avoid this particular scenario (would have avoided anyway, as I’ll never play stepmom to another woman’s child).

    I want my ex back, but I’m lost in how to facilitate that happening. I’m not afraid to be alone, however I AM afraid to live the rest of my life without my ex/soulmate.

    • Then contact the advisors via their click4advisor buttons. They do not do email readings, free readings, or give readings via comments to the websites.

  10. I….slept with someone else while with my soulmate. I realize afterwards how connected I am to my soulmate and how terrible the mistake I made was and I’ve tried everything to make it up to her because I truly want her happiness. I hope that one day I can earn that trust back and be with my soulmate again because I feel it so strongly that we are soulmates and I love her on a level that is unable to be explained in words. Is there any way I can get a reading or help in any way?

    • You can get a reading by contacting the advisors via their click for advisor buttons on the site. You must first sign up for an account with click4advisor to use their service.

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  12. My soulmate left me a year ago and we are the samesex this is why she left because of negative people. What do I do? I think of her daily does she me?