Telepathic Dreams Between Soulmates

Telepathic dreams occur for many soulmates. And they happen quite frequently. Some soulmates have telepathic dreams prior to meeting one another. But others experience them after their initial meeting.


Telepathy is best described as a form of communication from one being to another by extra sensory perception. It can happen between any two souls, such as family members (twins especially), friends, romantic partners and even animals!

Soulmates may not recognize the gift of telepathy they share at the beginning of the relationship. Many people who open themselves up to the concept of soulmates experience dreams of their soul partner way before they meet for the first time. And some even admit they’ve been dreaming of their soulmate since childhood. After meeting, when they talk about their past dreams, they’re surprised to learn they had the same dreams. This is an example of telepathic dreams between soulmates.


When soulmates dream, they can telepathically have conversations with one another or send messages to them. These telepathic dreams are usually remembered by both soulmates. And upon awakening it feels it was much more than a dream. It feels as if the scenario of the dream really occurred.

Telepathic Dreams Between Soulmates
Telepathic Dreams Between Soulmates

Even when soulmates are in separation from each other they will share telepathic dreams. What transpires in the dreams is often very revealing. For instance, they can learn during this time apart they have been miserable and really missed one another. So these telepathic dreams can result in a reconciliation.


Neither soulmate has to possess any psychic gift to be able to communicate telepathically through their dreams. Telepathic dreams between soulmates can help create a sense of deeper understanding between them. For example, let’s say someone is worried about their soulmate because they seem to be withdrawing from the relationship. So they begin to fret their soulmate’s feelings are changing for them.

They go back and analyze every recent conversation, looking for something they might have said to upset their soulmate. And they think of every interaction looking for something they may have done to hurt or anger their soulmate. They’re spinning in circles coming up with no real answers.

But then they have a telepathic dream about their soulmate. Here they learn about the pressure their soulmate is having at work and the amount of stress and fear they’re feeling. And when they wake up it all makes sense. They now know there’s nothing wrong with their relationship. Work issues are causing their soulmate to withdraw. So now they can stop freaking out and searching for what they may or may not have done wrong.

Soulmate telepathic dreams can help the couple gain valuable insight into one another and avoid jumping to conclusions that could cause unnecessary conflict.

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