Calling it Quits in Soulmate Relationships

Calling it quits happens in many relationships that have run their course. This includes soulmate relationships.

When nothing seems to work anymore, calling it quits may be the only thing to do. No one really wants to end a soulmate relationship unless they have to.

There are many soulmates that use breaking up to manipulate their partner. But we’re not referring to that. We are referring to soulmate relationships that are at a stalemate. There has been enough talk and enough time, yet nothing is changing for the better. Over time the relationship has become a toxic, dysfunctional, and unhealthy mess. It is at this point that the one hanging on to hope finally gives up.


Soulmates often go through periods of time where calling it quits leads to soulmate separation. Many people are unaware that soulmates can break up even though there’s an intense connection between them.

When a soulmate runner can’t handle the connection, the relationship ends. There’s no reason to chase them at this point because they’re not looking to reconcile. Besides chasing them would only make them run further away.

Calling it Quits in Soulmate Relationships
Calling it Quits in Soulmate Relationships

Their feelings towards their soulmate didn’t change. As a matter of fact, their strong feelings towards their soulmate is the problem. It sounds great on paper to meet someone that you feel soul deep love for.

However, in reality, many people freak out when they experience this for the first time. They have no experience to draw from, this is all new terrain they have to navigate. So many people react poorly to the connection and often end the relationship and run away. It’s devastating for the other partner, of course. Keep in mind most of these break ups are only temporary.


Many soulmates want to know if there’s a chance for a reunion because the thought of being without them hurts too much. We have noticed a lot of people call us asking if their soulmate will break-up with them. 

Why? Because some clients are terrified that every argument about anything could end their relationship. They don’t see the difference between a fight and a break-up. Just because a couple has a fight doesn’t mean it will lead to a break-up, especially with soulmates.

It’s okay for a couple to have disagreements, and it can actually resolve problems and bring the couple closer together. When a  relationship is a healthy one, disagreements are not a big deal. Being terrified every difference of opinion will lead to a permanent breakup is not a healthy relationship.

How can there be a strong, stable foundation if this much fear is present? Sure, if you did something extremely bad you have a right to be afraid. Speaking your mind, or your opinions, without fear should be present in every healthy relationship. If they’re not a part of yours, your relationship has bigger problems that need addressing. 

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  2. I am so ready to call it quits and throw in the towel with this nonsense! The connection between us is so strong it is the only reason I have hung in there this long.


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