Soulmate Misconceptions and Myths

Soulmate misconceptions and myths are commonplace.

Over the past 30-years the term soulmate has become a popular topic of discussion. Dating apps and websites offer to help you find your soulmate. Numerous romantic movies and novels seem to embellish soulmate relationships. Unfortunately, this can create a lot of misconceptions about soulmates. So we will try to clear some of them up. There is a lot of misinformation out there that can be very confusing,

Keep in mind there are many different beliefs when it comes to soulmates. If you have met a soulmate you may have done some extensive research to better understand what this relationship entails. If you have been hoping to meet, or searching for your soulmate, you may be wondering if there’s one out there for you. We compiled a list of the the most common myths and misconceptions below.


1. Soulmates and twin flames are the same thing.

This is one of the most common misconceptions. Soulmates and twin flames are similar yet different. We get a lot of requests from clients for assistance with twin flame relationships. We don’t believe it’s a twin flame relationship in many cases but a soulmate relationship. Soulmates have difficulties and challenges that most twin flames don’t. Twin flame relationships are generally much easier than soulmate relationships. You have only one twin flame but can have numerous soulmates.

2. If you lose your soulmate you’ll never get another one.

This misconception seems to scare a lot of people. Look at it like this: Let’s say the universe brought you together with a soulmate but they reject¬†your connection. Is that your fault? Should you be punished? Of course not. The universe doesn’t punish you by failing to provide another soulmate for you. But what about your soulmate who did not accept this gift? They may never get another soulmate opportunity since they were ungracious with the gift the universe gave them.

3. Soulmates always wind up together.

This is one of the major misconceptions about soulmates. Not all soulmates will have a happy ending because many soulmate relationships will end. Not all relationships are meant to last. Since there are challenges and lessons to be learned, it’s up to the soulmates to determine if this relationship can stand the test of time. The universe brings soulmates together, but you must each be willing to contribute to the relationship for it to last. The universe may keep putting you together to give you the opportunity to try again. It’s up to the soulmates to eventually succeed.

Soulmate Misconceptions and Myths
Soulmate Misconceptions and Myths

4. Soulmates can break their connection.

Soulmates can easily break their connection is another soulmate misconception we hear about all the time. Clients will tell us how their soulmate woke up one day and said they’re no longer connected. It doesn’t work that way. There’s no soulmate switch you can flip on and off. Breaking a soulmate connection will not happen overnight and it really cannot be done. So, don’t believe them any more than you would if they told you they saw a purple unicorn.

5. The only relationship that can truly make you happy is one with your soulmate or twin flame.

This misconception is a dangerous one. There are plenty of happy, fulfilling, wonderful relationships out there in the world. They are not all soulmate relationships. Soulmates are difficult relationships in many cases. So other relationships, without the connection, can be easier in many ways. Don’t get fixated on labels. That is not spiritual, labels are ego driven.

So many people use these labels as if to be part of a special club or collective. Is this high school? The universe does not support exclusivity and truly evolved souls do not either. If you love someone and they love you and you’re both happy who cares if you’re soulmates or not? Would you love them less if they weren’t? Of course not. Ditch the ego and ditch the label. Unless it’s to find out more about the lessons you need to learn, grow and evolve, why focus on it?

6. You’re not happy without a soulmate.

Another soulmate misconception is that many people think they’ll never be happy unless they meet their soulmate. You can be happy before you meet your soulmate. You can be happy with someone who’s not your soulmate. Your soulmate is supposed to help you evolve. But it’s not their job to make you happy. You won’t magically go from a miserable person to Miss/Mister Smiley Sunshine just because you meet them. And honestly, why would someone be interested in you if you’re a Debbie Downer anyway?

7. Soulmates are always romantic.

Another misconception about soulmates is that they’re always of a romantic nature. Soulmates can be family members, animals, or even friends. Soulmate relationships are not always romantic partnerships.

Soulmate relationships can be difficult to navigate and we hope we have shed some light on the misconceptions to help you have a better understanding about them.

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