What is a Soulmate? What are Soulmate Relationships?

As soulmate psychics, we get a lot of questions about soulmate relationships, soulmate connections and soulmates in general. It seems to be one of the relationship buzzwords of New Age spirituality. But where exactly did it originate? What exactly is a soulmate? And what are soulmate relationships? Let’s go back to the beginning.


Plato’s Symposium discusses them. Plato presents a tale of humans who originally had four arms, four legs, and two faces on one head. Zeus, father of the Greek gods lived on Mount Olympus. He feared these human’s power would become too great so he split them in half. He then also condemned them to spend the rest of their lives searching for each other. They would never be complete until they found their other half.

Somehow this translates into the modern-day search for a soulmate. It indicates the impending unhappiness we will endure if we never find them. How this happened, no one knows for sure.

What is a Soulmate?
What is a Soulmate?


It’s pretty common for people to think of a soulmate relationship as an overly romanticized, happily ever after fairytale. They see it as the optimal romantic relationship with zero problems. There is nothing further from the truth.

Do we believe these relationships can be very connected, passionate, loving romantic relationships? Yes, in some circumstances. Soulmate relationships are with people who are in our soul group, or soul family. We spend time and share experiences with these souls when we are between lifetimes. We can have soulmate relationships with our parents, siblings, friends and family members. Some of us have spiritual connections with our pets.

We will share many lifetimes with our soulmates, incarnating with them over and over again. Because they’re the ones who agree to bring us the life lessons we need. Soulmate relationships are karmic relationships and we grow, evolve and learn with them. We work through our karma with them and we heal our lives through them.

We sign blueprints with our soulmates on the other side before being born. In doing so we agree to each provide valuable life lessons and spiritual experiences for each other as our souls evolve on the earthly plane. As you incarnate in different lifetimes with them, you can appear as father-daughter, mother-son, student-teacher, brother-sister and of course husband and wife.


More than likely you will not incarnate the same way each lifetime. But…when you meet in this lifetime you will recognize and know each other in an instant recognition kind of way. As you speak you will feel as if you have known each other before, and you have, just not in the physical plane.

Soulmate relationships are based on a deep love for each other because of their spiritual bond. These relationships will go beyond the superficial relationships based on lust, looks or money. There are several types of soulmates. And you will all encounter many soulmate relationships in your lives, some romantic and others platonic.

But each one of them will bring profound meaning and life experiences to help define who you are and who you will become. Soulmate relationships are about growth. And these spiritual unions are the only ones that can teach us certain lessons so we can move forward on our spiritual journey.


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  1. This is so true me and my soul have a special bond more then people know we have been on earth manys as time as before we have always been bully thou each life we have lean in this human form my family and his family have always told us we have a special be on anyone reach!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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