Soulmate Recognition – When You Meet a Soulmate

Soulmate recognition comes the instant you meet. So many callers ask us if they’ve met their soulmate. And we always say “trust us, if you meet them, you will know.” It’s one thing to validate a soulmate connection for a client. But soulmate recognition is something you will miss.


When you encounter a soulmate the connection stands out in a significant way. Crossing paths with a soulmate is like a super charged spark from the Universe. It’s not like anything you’ve felt before. And nothing is the same again.

What you thought was love now seems like child’s play. What you thought was chemistry now takes on a whole new meaning. Perhaps someone experiencing this may not have a label for it. Someone unfamiliar with the concept of soulmates may not know what’s happening to them. But one thing’s for sure, they’re aware their world has turned upside down.

Soulmate Recognition
Soulmate Recognition

They may Google and start a search to learn what’s going on with this new romantic interest. Because this is all new territory. And it reveals a side in them they didn’t know exists. For instance, they may say they’re not the romantic type. But that’s gone right out the window. It can be exciting and uncomfortable at the same time.

Soulmate recognition comes, like we said earlier, instantaneously. It also comes in more ways than one. There is the chemistry, of course. It’s so overpowering that many people experience not being able to speak. And some feel frozen in place. Others lock eyes with their soulmate and the rest of the world disappear, as time stands still. Some people report feeling breathless, while other people are weak at the knees.


The conversations between soulmates often start out pretty deep and very transparent. Without consciously doing so, they tend to lose their inner censor. There’s an ease and comfort that makes them feel they’re in a safe environment.

Soulmate recognition sets their relationship off at warp speed. It’s very rare for soulmate relationships move forward slowly. Now if either soulmate, or both of them, are in other relationships they may not be able to cross the line right away. But their relationship moves quickly emotionally.

When we’re in tune with our soul path, it’s easier to have a soulmate join you on that path. Sometimes it takes a soulmate to get us on our true soul path. And this is why we meet them when we’ve gone down the wrong path.
Soulmate recognition occurs on a soul level, not a logical level. There is no way your soulmate is going to come into your life and you don’t recognize who they are. You may need validation, like many people do. But there’s no way you won’t know this person is significant and important to your life.

Don’t try and make someone a soulmate who isn’t. And don’t worry that your soulmate will enter your life and not make their presence known.

What did you experience when you met a soulmate for the first time? We would love to hear how it felt to you!

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