Your Spiritual Journey with Your Soulmate

Your spiritual journey goes hand in hand with your soulmate.

Actually you don’t even have to be on a spiritual journey to first encounter a soulmate

Some people meet their soulmate when they’ve been on a spiritual journey for some time. Some others haven’t really even taken their first steps.


Many soulmates find they’re not at the same point of their spiritual journey. Usually one of them will be more evolved than the other, and that’s ok. Though it’s annoying to wait for someone to catch up to you, your soulmate partner will get there at some point, if they choose to.

It would be truly wonderful if soulmates are already spiritually evolved when they meet. This way they wouldn’t encounter all the problems that come with personal growth. But since a soulmate’s real purpose is for growth, both soulmates must experience some growing pains along the way.


Sometimes the first encounter with a soulmate triggers a spiritual awakening for some folks. This awareness starts one’s spiritual journey and they begin to forge their path. They understand the deeper connection and look within themselves as well as their connection to the universe as a whole.

The Spiritual Journey with Your Soulmate
Your Spiritual Journey with Your Soulmate

Unfortunately the other soulmate can resist the opportunity they have to explore their part in the universe and the deeper meaning for their connection. They may take a different path, often temporary, and with it comes denial, bad behavior, bad decisions and acting out. They may even reject the soulmate connection.

If your soulmate has chosen this path, don’t follow them.

Don’t bring yourself down by lowering your standards or giving into fear. Keep steady on your spiritual path and don’t look back. Each soulmate, although connected, has a path they must take as an individual in order to walk the path together.

Stay focused on yourself and your spiritual growth. Let them take their detour for now without you. It’s hard to do, but it will be harder on both of you if you try to drag them with you, kicking and screaming all the way. That will do nothing but set you both back.

You may think you need to help them, steer them in the right direction or keep them from making mistakes. That’s not your job. They won’t learn from you. They need to learn for themselves, by themselves.

You have to wait on the sidelines for now. That doesn’t mean you have to sit around waiting for them. You need to focus on your spiritual journey instead of romance for the time being.

You will be of more help to your soulmate when they’re actually ready to take the right spiritual steps. Then you’ll be in a position to join them and progress on your spiritual journey together.

Just because they’re not doing what they should be doing, doesn’t give you an excuse to not do what you should be doing.

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  1. This is exactly me and my soulmate. He has been trying to find himself and has had an emotional block and I had been wanting a life stlye change while he just wanted to party. I ended things, even though it broke my heart. I have been on this new spiritual journey and it’s been amazing. I do know he is working on himself to right now. I wish I could send him this article but I have to stop chasing him, he will come back when he is ready. Thank you I am finding everything on your site so helpful


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