How Do You Know You Have Met Your Soulmate?

How do you know you have met your soulmate? Do you question if you’ve met your romantic soulmate? Chances are you haven’t, especially if it’s the person you’re currently dating. With our years of experience with soulmates and soulmate readings, one thing stands firm. When you meet a soulmate you’ll know early in the relationship. Actually you’ll know it at the point of meeting. Because it will be an electrifying moment for both of you.


When soulmates meet, it’s a mystical, cosmic experience. There’s an instant spark, a flare and immediate attraction between you. You each feel the intensity but probably in different ways. You may feel they’re the only person in the room while everyone else around you seems to melt away into a void. Because the energy in front of you is the only thing that matters at that time.

Some people may like to call this ‘love at first sight’. But esoterically it’s a much deeper experience. It’s the soul recognition between you. You’re reaching a check-point in your soul blueprint and saying to each other “Oh there you are, I have been looking for you. Let’s get this show on the road!” It’s a feeling of coming home. You feel you know this person already or that you have met before. And you have, just not in this life time.

How Do You Know You Have Met Your Soulmate?

How Do You Know You Have Met Your Soulmate?


There is a recognition on the soul level. Although you won’t be fully aware at the time, this indicates sharing past lives.  This time together, before you were born, is when you work through your soulmate contract with each other. Your ego will not be aware of these things at the time. Because all you know in that moment is the intense attraction you feel to this person.

You probably share many lifetimes together. And there’s a feeling of comfort and contentment in being in the presence of this energy that feels so familiar to you. And you can’t quite put your finger on it, but there’s just something about them that resonates with your soul.  Of course you have no idea of the karmic life lessons about to manifest in your life as a result of meeting this person. And who will become a challenging karmic relationship, but you will find out in time.


The beginning of a soulmate relationship can be a whole lotta fun! You have so much in common. And not things like grandmothers first names, but commonalities that are much more unique. Whatever it is, it will be something. And if it’s not readily apparent, as you get to know each other your similarities will reveal themselves. You have long talks and spend hours on the phone going over all the connected pieces between you. And you spend a lot of time together. You’ll think each others thoughts and complete each others sentences. And truly believe you’ve reached a state of perpetual bliss as you turn all your focus upon the one you perceive is “The One”.

There will be mind-blowing sex and you just can’t get enough of each other. You talk about the future, make plans for a future and do this really too early on in the relationship, but throwing caution to wind is ok in your mind in this situation because fate has brought you together and you are destined to be united. You might even neglect a lot of other responsibilities and people in your life because the only thing that matters to you is the soulmate relationship and the connection.

Now if it is not a romantic soulmate you are wondering about but a soulmate relationship with a friend, family member, co-worker or pet, those connections tend to develop over a longer period. When friends meet and form a strong bond it is usually a kindred spirit kind of connection. You share a lot of similarities in terms of background, belief structure, likes and dislikes and life in general. Over time though, as that friendship deepens and you become closer and more connected, it evolves into a soulmate friendship where you are able to feel each other and communicate telepathically. Friendship soulmate relationships are there you just may not realize it at immediate meeting.


  1. My first real love reconnected with me after 47 yrs to say hi .. I was Blown away this man who I had loved when I was very young but have always thought of him right through my life even when I was married.. See my husband had passed away only two years when he When my first love contacted me through messenger .. Then that was the beginning of us fully contacting each other connecting.. we started off as friends then went to what would’ve been like if we had of been together now to this amazing connection which drew are so close together but he lived in another country and he was married this went on for 18 months then it had to stop I know he is my soulmate

  2. I need to know if I found my soulmatethrough this site and the I’m with is the wrong person

  3. Recently I knew one guy in whats up.
    Actually this guy keeps on sending me sms before as I have posted my no.on a website for part time jobs…But I never replied to his messages..

    One time,I was bored,it happened last August..He sent me sms on what’up…
    I don’t know what happened but I replied..Then we started chatting on what’s up…

    I am in the depths oh my complicated relationship ( now I”m officially S.I.N.G.L.E) that time but I don’t know why I bothered to share it with him,to someone I didn’t meet yet (not a friend rather)..Someone I don’t know yet..He asked me to meet him but I’m scared..Did not meet him up that time…

    But he still replied to my dramatic and annoying messages..He always checking me…But oftentimes he’s so harsh on his comments..But then,I don’t mind..I still send my reply to him,share things from time to time..

    We always fought..I mean because he’a acting so harsh and wild at times…
    He will sometimes push me away like telling me” I’m bored with you,don’t like to hear your drama,I’m not your time and You’re not my type..Don’t waste your time in knowing me..blah blah blah…But still I’m sending him messages and he still replied….

    Until one time,I reached to that point that I felt being rejected by Him..I mean,he’s too harsh for me…I decided not to send him a message for 2 days…

    Then he suddenly message me after 2 days ” you’ve been quiet”…

    I don’t know,I was happy that time and I replied ” You miss me?” on and so forth…

    We met in person yesterday,27th September 2013…It’s really weird as when we first said our “hi and hellos” in the car,I’m too comfortable..I mean,I never felt shy or awkward..As if I met this person for so long…

    We have talks…We can discuss anything under the sun yesterday..We were laughing..Throwing something on each other..We played truth or dare…Then I did something foolish which keeps me thinking until today..

    I lose the game of cards,as a Dare..He kissed me..

    OMG..My first time to kiss a guy..1st meeting, not my boyfriend or whomsoever.,..

    And I just don’t understand why I can’t forget that 1st met that we had..That ” kiss”..Though it’s not my first kiss at all…

    Who is that guy?I’m really disturbed..huhu

    Please advise…

    Thank you…

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