Breaking the Soulmate Connection

Breaking the soulmate connection is a very difficult process. But it can be done if you set your mind, heart and soul to it. Soulmate relationships are very deep soul connections with another human being. They form and deepen over time we spend with that soulmate. And become part of us and part of our own soul. So breaking that bond can be painful. Staying in a bad soulmate relationship can also be painful. Especially if the relationship has become unbearable and dysfunctional. So you should consider which will produce the greatest personal growth. And not for your soulmate, but for YOU.


So why exactly would you want to break your soul connection? Perhaps you recognize it’s time to end your soulmate relationship and move on to the next chapter of your life. On the other hand, perhaps the soulmate relationship is too painful for you. And you need to disconnect for your own well-being and happiness. Maybe you need to temporarily break it to work through issues and life lessons. And you know the only way to make that happen is to create a break for the time being. Whatever your situation, creating a disconnect will take some effort on your part. And should not be considered an easy task.

Breaking the Soulmate Connection

Breaking the Soulmate Connection

Before going forward we urge everyone to examine their personal motives. And make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Are you doing it to truly separate yourself from a situation that’s no longer serving you and your own personal growth? Or are you doing it because you recognize the soulmate contract is complete? Could you be doing it to create a reaction from your soulmate because they’re not acting or behaving the way you want? And hoping this will create the soulmate crisis point, so your soulmate can get their act together? Whatever the reason, please make sure you’re doing it for the best and highest good for you.


Once you decide to move forward you should cease all communication with them. This means phone calls, texting, social media or smoke signals. And all other forms of communication including meditations. If you don’t it only serves to keep the soulmate connection alive. You may also choose to do a little ceremony or ritual. Here you put everything that reminds you of your soulmate into a box or bag. And leave it there. There’s no reason to toss it in the garbage or bury it. So just put it up on a shelf somewhere. Because one day, when you’ve healed, you may want to cherish these soulmate memories.

Creating a soulmate disconnection won’t happen overnight. It’s something that will take time. It could take months, even years, to completely disconnect from soulmate energy. So be gentle with yourself. Again, working on yourself is the best way to disconnect soulmate energy that’s no longer serving your or your spiritual path in a positive way.

More than likely your soulmate will feel the disconnection of your energy. And they will try to contact you to reel you back into their life. They’ll feel uncomfortable without the connection and the energy flow that was feeding them. When they communicate with you this will provide an exercise in setting boundaries with them. Especially if you’re still in a space where communication will be to hard for you.


You may want to tell them in advance you’re breaking the connection. And that further contact won’t be accepted. On the other hand, you may just decide to go quiet because having the conversation may be too painful for you. But whatever you decide, it will take courage and strength on your part to end this contract.

Honor yourself. Take walks. Commune with nature. Spend time with your friends. Read. Meditate. And focus on you again. Your soulmate relationship, especially if dysfunctional, robbed you of much of your own personal time. And it’s time for you to connect with YOU again.



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