Breaking the Soulmate Connection

Breaking the soulmate connection is a very difficult process.

A soulmate relationship is a very deep soul connection with another human being. They form and deepen over time we spend with that soulmate. They become part of us and part of our own soul.

However, not all soulmate relationships are easy relationships. Because there are lessons to be learned, and many choose to learn the hard way, many soulmate crisis points occur. When lessons are not learned they are repeated, which can create a high level of drama within the soulmate relationship. It can get so bad that it becomes a dysfunctional soulmate relationship.

And it’s at times like these that soulmates find themselves wanting to break the connection between them.


So why exactly would you want to break your soul connection? Perhaps you recognize it’s time to end your soulmate relationship and move on to the next chapter of your life.

On the other hand, perhaps the relationship is too painful for you. You may feel you need to disconnect for your own well-being and happiness. Perhaps you need to temporarily remove yourself from the relationship to work through issues and life lessons. Whatever your situation, you must first understand that the connection between you cannot be broken. But you can distance yourself from the power it has over you to some degree.

Before going forward we urge everyone to examine their personal motives. And make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Are you doing it to truly separate yourself from a situation that’s no longer serving you and your own personal growth?

Or could you be doing it to create a reaction from your soulmate because they’re not acting or behaving the way you want? Are you hoping this will create the soulmate crisis point, so your soulmate can get their act together? Whatever the reason, please make sure you’re doing it for the best and highest good for you.


Once you decide to move forward and press the mute button on your soulmate connection, you should cease all communication with them. This means phone calls, texting, social media, the whole nine yards. This includes communications about them, to yourself, your friends and your family.

If you don’t it only serves to keep the soulmate connection heightened. When you’re constantly thinking, talking and focusing on your soulmate you’re only adding to the power of your connection.

Breaking the Soulmate Connection
Breaking the Soulmate Connection

Muting the power of your soulmate connection won’t happen overnight. It’s something that will take time. It could take months, even years, to lessen soulmate connection energy. So be gentle with yourself.

Again, working on yourself is the best way pull away from soulmate energy that’s no longer serving your or your spiritual path in a positive way. It would not be fair to you, or anyone else dealing with a soulmate connection, if you couldn’t do something to lessen it’s negative affect on you.

The universe allows you the ability to distance yourself from the affects of your connection when you’re not the one making a mess of the relationship. Since it’s not your fault, they will let you have a way to mute the power it has over you. It must allow for self preservation when the soulmate relationship gets too far off track.

More than likely your soulmate will feel the withdrawal of your energy. They may even feel you disconnecting from them, no matter how far apart you are. This may be why they suddenly contact you out of the blue.

They’ll feel uncomfortable without the connection and the energy flow that was feeding them. When they communicate with you this will provide an exercise in setting boundaries with them. Especially if you’re still in a space where communication will be to hard for you. It will really stun them when you close off communication and can cause them to finally realize they must change their ways.


You may want to tell them in advance you’re breaking the connection. Again, you cannot truly break it. So there’s no need to announce what you’re doing. Besides it’s better to show it with your actions than say it with your words. So when they try and reach out to you or stop by to see you and notice a change in you, it will shake them to their core.

When they see you no longer allow your soulmate connection to overshadow and take over your common sense, boundaries and self respect, it will be hard for them to handle. They will want things to go back to the way they used to be.

Hopefully you will use your time distancing yourself from your soulmate connection to give yourself strength. And you will spiritually center yourself firmly to where the intensity of the connection no longer pulls you off track.

Honor yourself. Take walks. Commune with nature. Spend time with your friends. Read. Meditate. And focus on you again. Your soulmate relationship, especially if dysfunctional, robbed you of much of your own personal time. And it’s time for you to connect with YOU again.

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  1. OMG I wish I could break the connection between myself and my soulmate. He is going down a bad path, drugs, addiction, lying, the whole nine yards. I had to separate from him because I can’t go down with him.

  2. My soulmate is a married man, and I’m single. The energy flow between us is so great and we experience each other intrinsically. But he’s married and I don’t want to be the reason he ends his marriage, as much as it hurts, I really want to break the bond between us. Your blog post has been helpful and maybe a little more information on this can help. Thanks

  3. My soulmate decided to end the relationship just 3 days after returning from a romantic beach camp. He claimed he still had feeling for his ex while in beginning of the relationship he said he felt I was like his female version, a soulmate that he had been looking for.
    The depression led me to nowhere. I did everything to save myself: having crazy getaways, dating other guys, seeing a spiritual healer (that costed me $$$), etc but the questions and pain wouldn’t leave me until I read an article about acceptance. Now I meditate every day to clear my chakras but it’s still undisconnected. I guess what I need is to be patient, as you said that it won’t happen overnight.
    Thank you for sharing this beautiful post.

  4. I met my soulmate in my office. We were in same project. From the 1st day i had a feelings for him and after that when it was growing i thought that it may be my mistake may be he seems me as a friend only but after some day he proposed me. I was so happy but at the same time i was scared. The reason behind this was that one of my college senior was deperately tring for me and he always gave feelings that i am not caring anout him and he loves me a lot.
    At the moment my soulmate proposed me , i felt afraid of my senior and i told everything to my soulmate . After some days some misunderstanding started between me and my soulmate and after 3 to 4 months he told me that our relation is now in a bitter situation and a we do not belong to same community so our marraige is not possible and lets break it up. I had no option other than listen to him. In the mean time my senior got married and the communication was stopped andi got reliefed.
    As my soulmate and i were in same office same project so we swa ourselves but had no communication in front. Then after couple of months he pinged me in social media once twice in 2 to 3 months. Then he left the job and informed me that and 3 or 4 days before his last day we travelled. Then he moved to some other place for his job but we had some calls and all.
    After 4 moths traing he returned to the city but he did not call me for meeting so i was upset and one day i found so comments on his fb regarding his marraige and all so i was upset and blocked him . But later one of my friend asked me that i need to check with him . Listening that i was in a thought what to do. Then after a mind fight i decided to call him and called him he talked me and told those discussions were nonsense and told that our marraige is not possible due to his family . After some day when i called him he told me not to call him any more other wise he will block me. Now the thing is i truely love him but now the days have become miserable for me. Last time when there was no communication between us then at least he was in front of me but now he is in some other place. I want to talk to him . I miss him badly .

  5. What if you and your soul mate both know tou belong together but because of previous life decisions like children with other people you are unable to change courses..?

  6. My soulmate and I met when I was age nine, he eleven. We spent only summer months together in passing as he saw his grandmother and I visited my estranged father. After four or five summers my part in thease summer trips ended. Between ages fifteen and eighteen I saw him four times. Once while I was at work and in foster care he was working for a church and before I saw him I knew he was there, once outside my high school my sophomore year he appeared as if from the dead. Once on my birthday with no acknacknowledgement he’d even know when it was. After that I didn’t see him. We spoke on the phone for a call or two. He told me of going into the army and I couldn’t bear to hear it. I hung up. Four years later I’m working at a hospital where non other then his very own mom had come to deliver his sixth sibling. She told me he’d just come home from the war and had been looking for me. When I found him, we loved deeply and more sincerely then I have ever know. A month in he told me of the summer’s at his grandmother’s where I was absent. He just a botyof fifteen then, and the man I was working to call Dad, my father came upon this young boy in his dreams; violent and sexual… It was then I walked away as he cold not separate my fathers face and my own but he still knew my soul. What else can I do but release both of us from eachother and build a possible chance at a new soul connection with out that string between us always yanking twards one another?

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  7. I have a physically tangible spiritual connection with my lover. We feel what the other is feeling, even over great distances. The problem is that we are both in other primary relationships and there are certain inevitable times when this connection becomes painful. Whilst neither of us want to end the relationship and sever the bond permanently, is there any way of temporarily detaching other than entering a state of deep anxi? Being caught unawares can be disconcerting at the very least, and it is not always possible to drop everything and meditate for two hours.

    • say out loud that you will not think about this now and use your hand and push the thoughts away pushing your hand away from your body. Or you can just run your hand over the front of your body, over all the chakras to disconnect the energy.

  8. Is it possible for one soulmate to feel the love and the other to completely forget and stop feeling the connection? My soulmate now says that he does not have any feelings and emotions towards me and has completely disconnected form me.

    • Unfortunately yes. Not all soulmate relationships are destined to last, actually most of them don’t. They are in our lives to teach us valuable life lessons and experiences.

  9. Is it possible for a soulmate connection to be established, unknowingly, and unwillingly, as a purely, one-sided connection? Because I swear that is what it feels like that I have. Also, to be clear, we were NEVER engaged in any relationship of any kind, except for “platonic friends” over 3 years ago. Yet, for some reason, every single day, I wake up and think about her. I tried for 3 years straight to forget about her and NOTHING works! I, literally, gave up on trying to forget about her.

    I haven’t seen her or talked to her in over 3 years, yet for some extremely odd reason today I have been feeling VERY keen to try to establish connection to her, but under no circumstance do I want that to happen. It’s like a compulsion that I can’t control, despite my actual desires against the compulsion.

    The feelings that I am feeling right now are truly tearing me apart and I really hope that your disconnection methods work, and I hope that disconnecting is truly the right choice, because I do, one day, want to find a soulmate of mine to establish a relationship with, but that day cannot be now, because I am not financially, spiritually, or lively stable. I need my life to be stable before pursuing someone.

    The problem that I’m having, at the moment, with this lovely article, is that I cannot decide whether it would be a truly “good” idea to disconnect from her, since I do have some form of hope of maybe meeting her by chance one day in the future, when both our lives are stable.

    Will this disconnect cause harm to her, even if its completely one-sided for me? Also, will this disconnect mean that the re-connect can never happen again? A respond would be great!

    • The thing to consider here is that soulmate relationships can also be friendships and not romantic connections. This disconnection does not cause harm to the relationship it merely frees YOU from having them plugged in to your energy and releases you from some of the over stimulation it causes.

  10. I was lucky enough to marry my soul mate. We were happy for a time, then it went toxic. We hurt each other profusely; equal in pain, but differing in manners of action. None of the actions can we take back. We lost ourselves and each other. We have been separated for a year now. In that year we tried a couple more times to put the pieces together, but try as we might, they no longer fit. We both carry a flame of love for one another- although there is a very fine line between love and hate. We also both carry a great deal of guilt, shame, pain, and resentment; both towards each other and towards our own selves. The last time we called it quits has been a few months now. We cannot speak to each other-its far too painful and poisonous. Yet our connection is as strong as ever…I don’t like it. I don’t want this pain that is associated with it. And yet neither of us are ready to sever the ties. We cannot fathom the thought of not feeling the other. And so we dance…its like a cha-cha, I swear! He feels for me and I for him…we ignore it, fight it and then test to see if its gone…if the test proves difficult to reach the other, we try harder until success. This is, in and of itself, toxic. But we cannot seem to stop!! Even when we try to stop, our subconscious continues this dance as if it were on autopilot. I’m so very desperate for this pain to end. He is too. I know all of the “whys”; what I need now is the “hows”.

  11. I have met a soulmate with whom I’ve had a love relationship with in a past life. He came into my life through the church, but we are currently both in marriages with other partners and both of us have small children. I know I must have some unresolved issues to work out with this soulmate but I cannot figure out what they are, and it is causing me great emotional turmoil. I want it to stop, I want to know what I need to do to move on. I am also pretty sure my soulmate has no idea he is in fact my soulmate, but I know he does sense a connection with me. He just hasn’t done enough “soul searching” to realize the origin on these feelings or cares to look in to it any further.

    • Soulmates take on many forms. They can be friends, co-workers, teachers even our pets. It is very probable you have a soulmate relationship with this person but he will just be a friend in this lifetime. Sometimes all you can do is focus your mind on other things and have to force it to focus on other things. It is ok to love them from afar… and release them to find you in the next lifetime.

  12. i need to disconnect from my soulmate of 19 years she lied to me about cheating with another man. i still love her but i cannot ever trust her again. she broke my heart!!!

    • Hi Curtis
      Sadly sometimes, this is the lesson learned from these soulmate relationships. We are sorry to hear she has done this to you but you are right, you would never be able to truly trust her again. Many blessings to you!


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