Your Soulmate Isn’t Always Your Type

Your soulmate isn’t always your type. You may prefer, for example, brunettes with an athletic build. You’re always drawn to people of that type. It makes sense why many people assume their soulmate will be the type of person they find attractive. Many people discover, to their total shock and surprise, their soulmate isn’t their type at all!!!

Your Soulmate Isn't Always Your Type
Your Soulmate Isn’t Always Your Type


Your soulmate can look entirely different from everyone you’ve ever dated or had a crush on before. Not just in looks, but in personality as well. So many clients tell us that if it wasn’t for the instant connection they could never see themselves with their soulmate. For most of their lives, they imagined, or fantasized, what their soulmate would look like and be like, but got it all wrong. In truth, you can’t pick or choose a soulmate.

They don’t mind, of course. Their soulmate suits them perfectly. Sometimes what we think we want, or what kind of person would make a good partner for us, is incorrect. Perhaps that’s why all the relationships people have with a certain “type” fail. It could also be the people we used to attract, and were attracted to, were the wrong person for us. It’s because we’re not as far along on our journey as we were supposed to be.


Try not to lock yourself into an idea of what your soulmate is going to look like, sound like or act like. You may want to try the exercise outlined in How to Manifest Your Soulmate. If you’re going to leave yourself open to a soulmate reunion and you just may be surprised who shows up! Keep in mind you may not be your soulmate’s type either. They may have pursued relationships in the past with women or men who are the polar opposite of you. Actually, the fact that your soulmate is ‘not your type’ is a sure sign they are.

Other people discover their soulmate is exactly the type of person they’ve been attracted to or always wanted to find. They may have even have dreams of their soulmate which reveal to them what their soulmate will look like. These dreams aren’t always accurate though. Sometimes their soulmate looks nothing like the person they’re dreaming about. The connection and emotions they felt in their dream is the same, but usually the physical appearance is not.

It doesn’t really make a difference if your soulmate winds up being your type or not. You will find your attraction to them stronger than you have ever felt with anyone before. Your emotions will go to places (both good and bad) they have never gone before. Your soulmate always winds up being the right type for you in more ways than you can imagine. After all, it’s really about the soul connection anyway. 😉

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  1. Totally agree! My soul mate and I are so opposite of one another and I would never have thought I would even date someone like him. But we have our connection, and for that I am very grateful.


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