A Soulmate Connection is a Two-way Street

A soulmate connection is a two way street. Both soulmates connect to each other.

Many people are looking for a soulmate connection and many actually believe they’re in a soulmate relationship. This is all well and good, but what if the romantic partner doesn’t feel the same way?

Is it really a soulmate connection if they don’t reciprocate feelings? The answer is no. Both partners have to both experience the connection in order to be true soulmates.


In order for a soulmate connection to work both parties must honor it. Someone who’s in a relationship that’s only one-sided feels like they’re dangling with nothing to plug into. If you who have this experience you know how it feels.

In a true soulmate connection, both parties at some point acknowledge it to one another. It may be in the beginning of the relationship or something that develops further along. But we must realize that not every person we feel a connection to will feel one to us. If it is one-sided, it’s something totally different. It could be a crush, an attraction or even an obsession.

The Universe causes soulmates to meet at some point in their lifetimes. What they don’t take control over is what each member does with the connection. It’s ultimately up to each person to do something with it. So divine intervention only creates the initial meeting.

If one isn’t willing to accept it, there’s not much you can do. It is part of their spiritual journey, and you can’t do it for them. They have to be willing to acknowledge the connection and for some it takes time.

A Soulmate Connection is a Two-way Street
A Soulmate Connection is a Two-way Street


1-They don’t believe they’re your soulmates. Just because you believe it doesn’t guarantee they do. Nor does it mean the two of you are actually soulmates.

2-The person you believe you have a connection with may be aware of it. They’re not ready emotionally, spiritually or physically to take on the responsibility of such a deep connection. It may be too overwhelming for them. Or they may fear the loss of control over their emotions by allowing someone to connect to them so intimately (and we don’t mean sexual).

3-They’ve previously been in a soulmate connection but were emotionally damaged by it. So now they have walls up because they don’t want to go through that kind of emotional upheaval again at this moment in their lives.

4-They have a soul connection to someone else, even though you think they’re your soulmate. We have seen this happen on several occasions, where after a soulmate break-up, one is waiting for the other to return. Meanwhile, the other party moves on and forms a soulmate connection with a new soulmate partner.

We see this in soulmate couples where the one who screws things up comes to regret it. Their previous soulmate moves on to someone new and now wants nothing to do with them anymore. And they won’t let go of the past. This person is more than likely not your soulmate because the universe will not give them a new one after their last soulmate disaster.

Being in a one-sided soulmate connection is a very difficult place to be.

The union must be a two-way street or the relationship will never work.

If the one you feel a deep connection with is denying it, they may just be scared. If they ran away and cut you out of their life they didn’t cut the connection, it still exists. As long as you did not deserve to be cut out of their life, chances are they will return.

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Originally posted on 2014-06-03 @ 3:00 pm

11 thoughts on “A Soulmate Connection is a Two-way Street”

  1. I agree with the article, but am in a ‘Twin Flame’ entanglement! That is not the same as ‘Soul Mate’! I realize I may have to let him go for now to find himself, but that is all part of the learning process and YES, it hurts like hell!!!

  2. Thank you for responding.

    He may not, but it is not certain nor 100% certain. However, from my experience, wisdom, and intuition; I think number 2 of the article is more appropriately applies to him whatever his reasons or hesitation toward the potential relationship! Again, I “never specified to him that I am interested in him, felt connected with him, etc. etc.!” I just thought perhaps, he could pick up the cues or “subliminal cues from me in reaching out to him in a very non-specific and business way rather than in a deep and personal level!”

    Of course, Love is never to be forced, especially Pure and True Love, but is “Patient, Kind, and Understanding” as how the saying goes. So, I am not forcing anything or intend to write to him unless he written back. And if he does not write back, that is Okay too! Well, that is it for now.

    Again, thank for your reply!



  3. I have not only met my True Soul-mate, but my Long Lost Love, Future Life Partner, etc. early on this year. This man is someone that I could sense that I have a past with him in different lifetimes. “Our very last face to face encounter with also genuine affection of hand touch from each other was the very first time that I noticed he is my True Soul-mate; and I could sense he sensed it too during our lingering smiles and touch!”

    However, after months of waiting or anticipating him to make his move toward me, I never heard from him. I even very recently emailed him once directly in very brief message; saying hello and wishing him well, and reminded him of the invitation to join the professional network; and 2 emailed invitation from the network’s website to join the network; yet I heard nothing and no word from him!

    The truth is I do not and cannot understand nor willing to accept that I may not be his soul-mate!

    Is it possible that he is simply not ready emotionally, spiritually, or physically for such Unique and Deep Connection of a Soul-Mate relationship despite he senses the connection between us?

    How could something and someone feel so right, pure, and good; and yet not be your true and authentic soul-mate, life partner, and lost long love?

    • he may not be experiencing the same feelings as you. Call Sarah and Sophia for insight and guidance into your situation.

  4. He does feel the exact same way he even agreed that we are soul mates, he’s afraid of change and disappointing everyone and losing everything… but can’t grasp how much more he would gain being with me…. he’s been with her for so long hes comfortable and doesn’t want to hurt her, I know exactly how that is I was married to my ex for 24 years it’s the hardest thing to leave someone who has been with you for that long…so sorry you’re wrong

    • actually no.. its just that he would rather stay in something out of sacrificing his own happiness for that of everyone else rather than walk in his truth and embrace the fullness of his life. And while this is a very noble thing to do he will not be able to be truly happy as long as he does this. BUT this is not what the article was about though – this article was about when only ONE of the parties recognized the connection – which is NOT the case for you so perhaps you misread it.


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