Destiny Brings Soulmates Together

Destiny brings soulmates together. Two souls who are destined to cross paths will do so. Come hell or high water. And no matter the current location of each of these souls. There’s a divine plan in place to ensure these two souls come into each other’s presence. This is because both soulmates agree to meet during their time on the planet. And each soulmate has an obligation to the other. They agree to this meeting long before they’re born as they must clear karma with each other.


In truth we can say soulmate relationships are predestined. Before incarnating on Earth, soulmates reach agreements with each other. We like to call this their soulmate agreement or soulmate blueprint. This sacred contract defines the life lessons, personal growth and spiritual awakening they will provide for their soulmate. Not all soulmate agreements are the same. But they’re unique to each soulmate couple and the lessons each soulmate needs to perfect their soul. This defines their soulmate destiny.

Destiny Brings Soulmates Together
Destiny Brings Soulmates Together

Perhaps the soulmate couple needs to clear karma from past lives together. When this is the case, a similar scenario will play out in this lifetime. But perhaps with different ‘other’ players. And this is to give the soulmates the opportunity to get it right this time. Unfortunately, this part of the equation is out of fate’s hands. Each soulmate must now step up to the plate as a couple, and individually, to do the right thing.


Many people believe destiny will keep soulmates together the remainder of their lives. But this isn’t how destiny works. Each soulmate has a responsibility to the other to work on the relationship. And yes, soulmate relationships will take work. They’re not easy relationships for most couples. Actually soulmate relationship can be difficult ones and take a tremendous amount of patience.

The purpose for the soulmate relationship in the first place is to challenge them both to reach a higher awareness and consciousness. And it’s to put away immature lower level behaviors that lead to toxic or dysfunctional relationships.

So in order to stay together in a soulmate union, both soulmates must be contribute to working on themselves and the relationship. If destiny takes care of that, the couple negates the reason for their soulmate connection. Destiny will bring soulmates together. But they each must accept their challenges to stay together.


After a soulmate break-up destiny can play in role in reuniting the couple. The same great cosmic force that creates the initial encounter can certainly help soulmates reunite. If, for instance, both soulmates have gone their separate ways and no longer communicate, fate can step in to create another crossing of paths. So if your soulmate breaks up with you, ghosts you and blocks you on all social media, fate can step in to create another meeting.

But again, in order for it to work this time around, you both need to work on individual issues while apart. The issues most soulmates need work on are abandonment issues, obsession, controlling behavior and insecurities. So during the break from each other it’s essential to address these characteristics within themselves. This will create a more positive environment for relationship success.

Destiny should not have to do all the work for soulmate couples. They create the space for the initial meeting, along with divine timing, for soulmate recognition to occur. But each soulmate has free will to decide if they’re ready to accept one of the most magical romantic relationships.

Destiny brings you together but divine intervention will only do so much. The individual soulmates are responsible for keeping the relationship thriving and on track.


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