Top 10 Reasons Soulmates Separate

Soulmates separate for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they reunite, at other times the separation is permanent. Every soulmate relationship is different but the common ground they share is that they all posses a certain intense connection. It is quite common with soulmate relationships for there to be a period of separation between the two. There are misconceptions when it comes to soulmates, and these separations tend to come with shock and surprise. So why do soulmates separate when there is such a deep connection between the two?

Top 10 Reasons Soulmates Separate

1.  One commonplace reason soulmates separate is that they came together at an inopportune time. For instance, one or both partners may be in marriages or relationships at the time they meet. There may be a need for a separation to end those current relationships so they can be free to pursue the soulmate relationship.

2.  The intensity of the connection may prove to be too overwhelming for some people. A soulmate connection, and the intense chemistry that comes with it, is not something you understand until you have experienced it. This intensity may cause soulmates to separate for a time until they are ready to accept and deal with a deep spiritual connection.

Top 10 Reasons Soulmates Separate

Top 10 Reasons Soulmates Separate

3.  The lessons that some soulmates need to learn must be learned apart, not while together in the soulmate relationship. Some soulmates separate they need to have life lessons and experiences required for their personal growth which can’t be accomplished within the confines of the soulmate relationship. They are too consumed with the relationship instead of focusing where the need to for personal and spiritual growth.

4.  Another reason soulmates separate is because soulmate relationships can bring out the best, or the worst, in couples. Soulmates serve as a mirror and they reflect back to us the things within our lives, character or psyche that we must work on in order to evolve and grow. This can be quite difficult as most of us to don’t like to see what is reflected back at us that we must address. Sometimes the damage inflicted as well as the drama created is so overwhelming that a break or separation is necessary.

5.   Not everyone on the planet believes in the concept of soulmates nor are they searching for a soulmate. When faced with a soulmate connection, and the fear of losing control of their guarded emotions, they bolt.  They refuse to acknowledge soulmates exist and do everything they can to disprove it, although they are well aware they experience the connection. They know there is a connection, they just don’t know or understand what it is. Better be safe by running, than be sorry they gave in to their emotions and embrace the soul mate connection. These people find themselves turning their back on the soulmate relationship and seek out something more “safe”. They find it more comfortable to be in a relationship where they risk very little.

6.  Soulmates separate because some soulmates over analyze every little fight or spat. In doing so they can create mountains out of mole hills. Many soulmates experience very high highs, and very low lows, which may make them appear to be bipolar. When the connection is flowing well and all is groovy, they are on top of their game. When there are problems in the relationship, they sink to the depths of despair and totally disconnect from their daily lives. A little argument can easily end up being an epic battle that becomes completely out of control. Soulmates can have a hard time finding middle ground, and may very well separate during these lows.

7.  Unrealistic expectations can come with soulmate relationships. It is extremely rare to find a perfectly blissful soulmate relationship. On the contrary, soulmate relationships can often be more volatile than mundane relationships.  We often see unrealistic expectations materialize the minute someone believes they have found their soulmate. After just one date they are very often planning a wedding, looking forward to a life of eternal bliss in soulmate heaven. They are completely devastated at the first sign of trouble because their expectation is soulmate relationships are perfect. This may lead them to believe this is a false soulmate connection and decide to separate.

8.  Soulmates separate because their karmic journey together has been completed. You have done what you need to do together and now it is time to move on. Soulmates come together for a reason or a season but very rarely a lifetime. Soulmate relationships challenge us, force us to grow, serve as a catalyst to create change or put us on the path of spirituality. Very often when that lesson has been achieved it is time to end the soulmate relationship. Perhaps you feel the lesson has not been completed. If so it is very possible the lesson involves how you handle separating from your soulmate.

9.  Sometimes separating from your soulmate is the best thing you can do. If your soul mate has been abusing your connection and your love for them, taking a break will restore your self-respect. Quite often soulmates need to separate just to give the relationship a chance to succeed. Separation will give you distance and space from each other. Many soulmates feel the need to hang on, or insist they cannot let go, because of the intense connection. In truth it is crucial for soulmates to take a break before more damage is done.

10. The Universe may separate soulmates to provide required space for personal growth or to reveal issues that must be addressed. For instance, if you have trust issues, your soulmate may get a six month temporary job assignment in another country. You are being shown by the Universe now is the time to deal with your trust issues. This is very important for your own personal development and growth. It is up to you to create a change within yourself instead of letting this issue cause problems in your soulmate relationship.

Soulmate separations are a very challenging time. During these difficult periods the best course of action you can take is to focus on yourself. Focus on your spiritual journey and personal growth. Dwelling on your soulmate will be counterproductive and you could find yourself in the deep, dark abyss of soulmate obsession. This will not help you or your relationship.


  1. Hello,
    I was engaged 6 months ago but broke up with my fiancee. I somehow felt we’re soulmates because he had the same characteristics as m, and we’re just same in most way. 1 day I thought of him, and that moment I had received a call from him that moment
    But my heart told me that he didn’t love me truly, and I wish I had listened to it. he sometimes calls me saying he’s sorryfor what he had done . But are we really connected somehow? Are we soulmates or twin flames?

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  2. Hi,
    I am in the unfortunate situation of being separated from whom I believe to be my soul mate, even though I did not realize it at the time it became clear to me after 4yrs of being apart that I feel like a mere shadow of the man I used to be while with my soul mate.

    There isn’t a single second of the day that she’s not on my mind, I have met many other lovely people during this time but unfortunately I have realized that the thirst of my soul could only be quenched by one.

    One the last day that we spoke she was crying and kissed me saying” I will always be in love with you” and I replied” I have given you my heart forever and I will wait ten years for you” being a bodyguard by profession I completely understand the concept of total loyalty and commitment.

    It has now been 4yrs and my bond and devotion is as strong as ever, I have not spoken with or seen her in 4yrs I refuse to interfere in her life, and believe that when her time is right we will be together again.

    although painful I remain faithful to my promise.

  3. Lorraine Symington

    Dear Lady Sarah and Sophia Elsie, I have ready through your top 10 soul mate separation, and it is so true . Love and Light Lorraine .

  4. My soulmate and I seperated again. Each time we do its more and more times between seeing one another again. First 3 months now its up past a year with out so much as a word. But when he does each time its to help me or save me when im in my depths. I miss him. I hate him. He feels like my brother but he and i have children. Its not intimate love its past that. He feels like my home.

    • I know this Feeling so well. Our separation was only two days the first time. then it was a month, then two months. Now it’s been a month Into what I believe is our final separation. I am demolished and I’m sure she is too. But I don’t think we will come together again. I don’t know how to handle it.

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  6. Hi my soulmate and I have been fighting a lot these days .. And looks like he has lost it for me totally … I can feel my soulmate drifting away and am unable to bear the pain . How do I cope up

  7. Hi I always felt my husband and I were soulmates we knew exactly what each other was going to do before we did it we knew how to push each others buttons every time we separate it would be we were pick up right back where we left off we can never split up for longer than a few weeks one of us would always give in 4 months ago my husband said he was leaving it was the best for both of us it was no signs no argument we have been together almost 14 years married for over 10 I still just don’t understand he totally cut me out of his life

  8. I feel a tiny bit better knowing I am not the only one going through this.

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