Good Soulmate Relationships are Worth the Wait!

Good soulmate relationships really are worth the wait. There’s nothing wrong with keeping yourself open for the right person to come along instead of settling for the wrong one.

For many people, being single isn’t easy. So waiting for a soulmate to come along is hard. It’s so tempting to give the wrong person a chance, because many people give up on finding their soulmate.

They would rather have someone than no one. Even though the red flags are present early on, many people take the plunge and ignore their gut instinct. But they know something is not right. Then they spend an endless amount of time trying to make a bad relationship a good one.


Some people try to convince themselves they really are with a soulmate. There is so much misinformation out there leading people to believe spiritual partnerships must have drama and acting out. Sadly they believe they have to put up with anything and everything to be rewarded for doing so down the line. This does not have to be true. So don’t confuse dysfunctional relationships with soulmate unions.

Of course soulmate relationships can be dysfunctional, but not all dysfunctional relationships are soulmate connections. It’s one thing to learn from the obstacles in a soulmate relationship to grow, learn and evolve. But it’s another thing to waste your time with the wrong person.

That’s when you lose yourself, your dignity and self respect. Red flags are there for a reason. They help you avoid bad relationships and experiences. If someone is lonely, or afraid they will grow old alone, they may not want to wait around for soulmate to appear. So they take what is available at the moment.


People should wait for an opportunity for a good soulmate relationship rather than take chances with romantic partners who aren’t really up to their standards. It may make sense to some people to get involved with someone who is available to them right now, rather than wait for a soulmate that may never come.

Good Soulmate Relationships are Worth the Wait!
Good Soulmate Relationships are Worth the Wait!

The problem with that theory is that if you’re with the wrong person, in a bad relationship, you will miss opportunities for a good one with a soulmate. But remember, your soulmate will show up when the universe feels the time is right! Yet many people stick with the wrong person and run from their connection.

People also learn bad relationship skills from bad romantic partnerships. They aren’t necessarily born with them, they learn from bad experiences. They take these bad habits and bring them into their soulmate relationship. Any wonder why they have the same problems in all their relationships, including the one with their soulmate?

Just because you leave a bad relationship and start one with a soulmate doesn’t mean you left that bad relationship behind. You will bring insecurities, ways of fighting and a long list of bad habits along to infest your new soulmate relationship.

This is one of the main reasons good soulmate unions are worth the wait.

Even the most cautious person can find themselves with a crummy romantic partner. That’s ok, as long as you get the hell out of there and don’t spend an eternity trying to make it work. There has to come a time when you acknowledge it doesn’t work between you because it’s not destined to work.

You aren’t truly compatible in important ways, don’t see eye to eye and don’t want the same things. Don’t wait for things to get worse. Cut yourself lose and seek something better, because soulmate relationships are worth the wait and the effort.

Are you in a good soulmate relationship? Did you end a bad romantic partnership, deciding to wait for your soulmate?  We would love to hear your experiences!

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