Identifying a False Soulmate

Sometimes people meet a false soulmate instead of a true one. The problem is, a false soulmate will have things in common with a real soulmate.

Unfortunately this can convince someone they’ve actually found their soulmate.


Identifying a False Soulmate Will Save Your Sanity
Identifying a False Soulmate Will Save Your Sanity

A false soulmate can come into your life with what appears to be destiny and have many of the soulmate signs. There’s an instant connection with a false soulmate and you appear to have great chemistry. But a false soulmate will drag you down to places you never want to go.

A true soul connection is a spiritual one. But the energy vampires of fake connections don’t have the spiritual maturity to experience a true soulmate union. Instead of growing and evolving into their higher selves, they connect with someone to pull them down to their level. This connection only exists in the lower chakras.

A false soulmate is a karmic connection that can prepare someone for the arrival of their true partner. Soulmate relationships can be tricky. No one can fully prepare for their arrival and the challenges that come with them. Sometimes a false soulmate can appear to help you avoid mistakes down the line with your true soulmate.


1. Feeling emotionally and mentally drained

A false soulmate will drain you of all your energy. They muddle your thoughts leaving you exhausted and unable to find the strength to focus on yourself. Everything revolves around them. Your life may begin to fall apart because you have no time or energy left to do the things you need to do for yourself. They contribute nothing to the relationship. So you give all the love, affection and compassion, while they do nothing.

They continue to take and take until you have nothing left to give. You will get little or nothing in return. A true soulmate relationship is one that lifts both partners up instead of tearing them down. They support one another in an evenly balanced way.

Please keep in mind some soulmates can go overboard. They focus all their time and attention on their soulmate, creating an unhealthy imbalance. This could be part of their lessons to be learned. So with true soulmate relationships, the situation can be rectified.

2. A false soulmate is often a manipulator.

At the beginning they appear to be perfect. They say and do the right things, all in an effort to trap you. Once they believe you’ve fallen for them, and believe the illusion they create for you, the real person emerges. The person you thought was your soulmate is now someone else entirely.

Now they won’t take your calls or answer your texts in a timely manner, if at all. They used to spend tons of time with you, but now have very little, if any, time for you. The false soulmate will disappear out of the blue, leaving you feeling as if the rug has been pulled out from under you.

They made you believe their feelings were real, but those emotions suddenly vanish into thin air. Now they’re confused or unsure of those feelings. The false soulmate feeds off of your insecurities and play games with your mind and emotions.

3. They take everything you have to give until you have nothing left.

They will turn you into a person you barely recognize. Once they feel you have nothing left to offer, they move on to their next victim. They quickly find another person to charm into believing there’s a soul connection. A false soulmate can pop back into your life from time to time, to feed their ego and drain yours. They take pride in their ability to keep you interested and will stop from moving on to your true soulmate by holding your heart in limbo.

4. Amazing chemistry and sexual connection.

The false soulmate connection is usually strictly sexual in nature. They don’t want a relationship with you, they just enjoy having sex with you. If you try to make it a real relationship, they will do everything in their power to fight it. You want more, but they don’t.

Because of the strong sexual chemistry, many people try to force a true soulmate connection. But you can’t create something that’s not there. Not all great sexual partners are soulmates. A false soulmate will dangle a carrot in front of you, making you hope if you keep having sex with them, one day they will be ready for a real relationship. Rest assured, that day never comes.

Identifying a False Soulmate Will Save Your Sanity
Identifying a False Soulmate Will Save Your Sanity

5. A false soulmate can’t maintain contact with you long-term.

It’s too difficult for a false soulmate to be around your spiritual energy. They have to crawl back into their darkness to feel safe. So expect them to go MIA every now and again when they have had their fill of you. Once they want more from you, they will return to do it all over again. Of course only happens if you allow them to.

A true soulmate often runs. But their reasons for running have to do with the lessons they (or the couple) must work through. True soulmates don’t run for purely selfish reasons.

6. They’re not emotionally available to you.

They may not show their feelings because they truly don’t have any. But this is very different from a true soulmate who hides their feelings. You believe you have a connection to a fake soulmate. But they know, for a fact, they have no connection to you.

This false soulmate is something you created, not the universe. This is why it won’t work out. The connection is not real, but imagined. They’re not denying their feelings for you for whatever reason you make up. They deny their feelings for you because they simply don’t exist.

7. A false soulmate can take over your dreams.

Upon awakening you may feel your dreams were real life experiences. You have tried to stop thinking about them while you’re awake. But now they’re coming to you in your dreams, loud and clear. You spend the day trying to analyze what the dream meant, and again you wind up feeling confused and drained. True soulmates can and do dream about one another, but not in an invasive or draining way.

True soulmates can be easily confused with false soulmates, so you have to be careful. It’s one thing to go through all the drama that can come with a true soulmate relationship, but another to go through the chaos of a fake one. A real soulmate is worth the hard lessons one must learn. A false soulmate isn’t, because there can be no happy endings with a false soulmate.

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