Soulmate Energy

Soulmate energy is easy to recognize. When you meet a soulmate you will feel the transfer of energy between you. Soulmate energy is extremely powerful. It can almost knock you off your feet. People have said when they met their soulmate and felt the powerful energy they could not move. Many others say it knocks the wind out of them. Others experience it a time standing still or an immediate opening of their chakras.

That is how overwhelming this soul connection can be. You will feel it resonate on a spiritual level, and for some it has been their spiritual awakening. Meeting their soulmate helped them connect with their own soul. This caused them to realize their connection to their higher power.

 Soulmate energy
Soulmate Energy


When you first encounter your soulmate the connection will feel a bit nostalgic in a way. It will feel like you have known this person very closely, for a very long time. Yes, the energy will be intense, but if you ease into it, you will feel a homecoming. You will feel like something clicked into place. You know in the core of your being you were fated to meet this person.

There is a recognition destiny brought you together.  You will also notice that the energy between you and your soulmate is similar. They feel the same soul recognition on the same deep level as you. They also felt the same “lightning bolt” of energy pass between you when you locked eyes on each other.

There is also a transference of energy between the soulmate couple. Very quickly they will start talking about the same thing at the same time. They will talk and quickly discover how much they have in common, and how they share many of the same life experiences. They will feel understood like they never have before, and feel as though, finally, someone “gets them”.


Sexually, the chemistry between soulmates is extremely powerful. Soulmate sex is one of the most powerful energy exchanges you can experience. Emotional intimacy between soulmates cannot be reached with any other person. It is not solely based on the attraction they feel for each other. It is coupled with a feeling of sharing, and of connecting. Soulmates often allow themselves to be vulnerable in a way they never have before.

After soulmates meet, their combined energies provide the gift of telepathy and/or empathy with one another. They will be able to read each others thoughts to varying degrees. Some can actually send specific messages to the other without speaking out loud. There are also many instances of soulmates feeling each others feelings without even trying. A soulmate knows before the other gets home from work that they had a bad day, or that they got angry, or even hurt.

Soulmate energy is so profound that if you are wondering if someone is really your soulmate, then they probably are not. You will just know, in both your head and your heart. There will be no doubt of soulmate love.

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