Soulmate Limbo Phase is a Difficult Time

Soulmate limbo phase is a very difficult place to be. Actually, being in any kind of relationship limbo sucks.

But this is especially so when you’re stuck waiting for your soulmate to get their act together. You feel you can’t move forward with your life. If your soulmate relationship is stuck, you’re in the soulmate limbo phase.

Your relationship cannot move forward while stuck in this place. The soulmate limbo phase can start when you haven’t heard from your soulmate in a few weeks or longer. They haven’t ending things, but they’re not acting like you’re together as a couple. Constantly dwelling on whether or not your soulmate will come back prevents you from moving forward.


When you’re in the soulmate limbo phase you have to focus your attention, attitude and energy on forward momentum. For most soulmates this isn’t an easy task. If you have a strong soul connection it will be emotionally painful. Soulmate separation anxiety can become extreme when you’re at an impasse with them.

You’re without your soulmate and have no idea what the hell is going on with them. All attempts on your part to reach them are unanswered. And they’re clearly ignoring or ghosting you. Being ignored by a soulmate is devastating. It feels as though your world has come crashing down around you.

Once you realize you’re in soulmate limbo you have to figure out what you’re doing for yourself and for your life. Are you waiting for the phone to ring or text message to appear? Do you count the days since the last communication? Are you wondering if you’ll ever hear from them again?

Soulmate Limbo
Soulmate Limbo Phase

Change your focus. Instead of focusing on what they’re doing, or not doing, focus on yourself and what you should be doing.


Are you in soulmate limbo because you need to learn your soulmate lessons? Very often we see these relationships hit this place because you’re not working on your own personal growth.

Soulmate relationships are not always about growing together. At times greater growth happens when you’re in separation. However growing the relationship certainly does happen when you’re sharing your time and energy.

Right now you can’t control the relationship or your spiritual partner. You cannot force them to come back. Nor can you decide when they come back.

What you can do is put your time and energy into something you can control. Should you be learning something new? Are you considering on a career change? Are you focusing on transforming a part of yourself, either physically or spiritually?

Perhaps these things must happen before your relationship can get moving again once you reunite. Without some change on your part too your relationship can remain stuck in a rut.

Originally posted on 2012-03-30 @ 4:11 pm

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