Predestined Relationships and Soulmates

Predestined relationships are a great way to describe soulmates. Many people believe that predestined relationships means they are meant to meet and be together forever.

We don’t believe predestined relationships guarantee your relationship will last forever. However, we do believe destiny brings two people together through encounters they orchestrate.

While these may feel like serendipity or synchronicity, it’s more the karmic agreement you have with another soul. Before you were born, you decide to meet at a certain place and time.

So when we (Sarah and Sophia) speak of predestined relationships, we mean agreements between soulmates for completion of a karmic task. That’s the predestined part.

There is never any guarantee that it’s meant to be or that it will turn into a long lasting relationship.


Some folks believe destiny will ensure romantic success for soulmate relationships. This can happen in some cases. Destiny certainly plays a role when meeting someone you wouldn’t meet under normal circumstances.

Yet destiny doesn’t participate in how this relationship ultimately unfolds. Destiny plays its role by putting you both in the same place at the same time. The chance encounter was predestined, but for destiny to unfold, you must each be willing to see it through. The Universe produces the connection but the free will choices determines where it ultimately goes.

People who believe in predestined relationships believe the relationship will be full of roses, candles and moonlight walks on the beach. Since destiny brings them together, certainly fate will kick in to make it a perfect romantic adventure. Destiny can only do so much. It won’t do all the work for you nor will it be responsible for the quality of a relationship.

So while the opportunity to meet a romantic partner is part of your fate, you must each individually do the work within the relationship. The couple and their willingness to work together to build a happy, healthy life produces a long-lasting partnership.

If you believe in a set outcome for a predestined relationship, what happens to free will? Where does the responsibility lie for the two people involved?

Predestined Relationships and Soulmates
Predestined Relationships and Soulmates



We define these meetings before we’re born. So of course they will come with spiritual growth. As we keep saying, many life lessons come through difficult experiences. The reason being is that most humans resist change unless they have to. So what does this relationship want to teach you?

Unfortunately some of these lessons will be revealed during difficult times. Sometimes we must learn things the hard way. So what happens when the going gets tough?

The outcome relies on the two people involved. Too often people drop the ball expecting fate and destiny to sustain their relationship. They need to do the work themselves or the troubled times will continue.

Destiny brings opportunities into our lives. The chance for a better job, to meet great friends, to achieve financial gain, etc. It also gives us the opportunity to have amazing relationships. But this is where their contribution ends. They give the opportunities, it is up us to seize them.

Destiny only does so much

Destiny is not cupid. It doesn’t surround your relationship in a protective bubble to keep it together forever. Predestined relationships allow us to create something special and long lasting with a soulmate. While the initial meeting of a couple can be predestined the outcome relies on them.

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4 thoughts on “Predestined Relationships and Soulmates”

  1. If you are someone who suffers from mental illness/trauma, are the energies you attract to your life going to reflect your mental chaos? For example, most humans with minds that function regularly(those without mental illness) attract energies, people, and situations into their lives that flow along with the typical ways that these things happen. But if someone has bipolar disorder, wouldn’t they attract energies that reflect both individual personalities? Like a soulmate for one personality, and one for the other?

    Many people with mental illness suffer from delusions. They have a personality that is healthy, and they would wish to be at all times. Then there is another more depressed, stressed version that isn’t there true personality.

    Let’s say a man attracts a soulmate that they could only sustain if they maintain their high self. But is difficult for this person to maintain this state. And on the other hand there is a woman that sees them at their lowest and is there for them. But the man is not as attracted to this woman because they are striving to be the person that can sustain the first woman. At his highest state he is soulmates with the first, and at his lowest he is soulmates with the other. Does bipolar energies given out attract bipolar realities?

    How would you handle this situation?
    Do people with mental illnesses like schizophrenia, BPD, and mania have unconventional spiritual paths?

    I honestly feel like the last question is a no-brainer. But i’d like to know your honest opinion on the topic. Thank you.


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