Do Your Friends Understand Soulmate Connections?

Do your friends understand you soulmate relationship? If they’ve never been in one they can’t relate to what you’re going through with your soulmate. It’s really hard to navigate relationships as it is. Friends, co-workers, family members and romantic partners can be complicated relationships. Soulmate relationships are more confusing and emotionally taxing than most relationships.

Trying to explain to your friends who don’t understand soulmate connections is like trying to make them understand a foreign language. Many people believe in soulmates and the spiritual connection. They want to meet their soulmate and believe they’re fully prepared for them to enter their lives. But guess what?


Do Your Friends Understand Soulmate Connections?
Do Your Friends Understand Soulmate Connections?

When they meet a soulmate it surpasses all their expectations. And many of the things that come with soulmate relationships they never expect at all! They’re completely thrown for a loop. And have no idea how to handle the emotional roller coaster and drama that come with soulmate relationships.

We have the opportunity to learn from each and every relationship we have. So we can either learn from our mistakes or we can repeat them over and over again. We can learn to put up with dysfunctional relationships or we can learn to avoid them at all costs. It’s entirely up to us what we take and what we leave behind when our relationships end. With soulmate relationships, however, there’s no previous experience to draw from. This is something completely new.

We want help. And we need help. But our friends don’t understand soulmate connections. So they can’t relate to the experience we’re having. We want to share all the details of our soulmate relationship and hope our friends can help us find some clarity. The problem is most of your friends will only wind up hating your soulmate and questioning your sanity.


They can’t understand why you’d go through what you’re going through for this person. Or any person for that matter. Just like you can’t understand why your friends are in some of the relationships they are in, they sure as hell can’t understand all the melodrama involved in your soulmate relationship.

Most people believe soulmates meet and then run off into the sunset like they do in the movies and in romance novels. They think soulmate relationships are perfect, easy relationships. So when you tell them what you’re dealing with they don’t believe this is a soulmate relationship. Because what you’re describing is not their vision of soulmate couples.

This can make you feel like you have no one to talk to. And you feel no one understands what you’re going through. In many ways this is true. Your soulmate relationship is about you and your partner. And not about everyone else. The lessons to be learned are for you and your soulmate only. There is no cheat sheet, and no shortcuts. Find clarity within yourself and within your soulmate experience. The answers are there if you just seek them out.

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