Soulmate Relationship Mistakes, What Have You Learned?

Soulmate relationship mistakes happen in many spiritual connections. We all make mistakes, especially when it comes to our relationships. Everyone makes relationship mistakes. Even those in soulmate relationships. No one gives us a handbook with the guidance we need to have perfect relationships.


If our parents have dysfunctional relationships, where would we learn how to have a happy thriving relationship? There’s no course taught in high school. And our peers are usually just as clueless as we are. We dive into the dating pool without knowing how to swim.

We are battling new emotions and new experiences we barely know how to handle as it is. So it’s reasonable to assume we will all make relationship mistakes. Perhaps we sabotaged a really great relationship. On the other hand, maybe we stayed in a bad relationship way past the expiration date, hoping it would get better.

Soulmate Relationship Mistakes, What Have You Learned?
Soulmate Relationship Mistakes, What Have You Learned?

Either way our relationship mistakes come with some costly lessons. But have we learned anything? Are we just repeating the same past behavior patterns with our soulmates? For some it can feel like deja vu. The same soulmate relationship problems surface and so does the same crappy end result. Why does this keep happening to so many people?

The answer is that they have not learned everything they needed to.

What has your soulmate relationship really taught you? And what have you truly learned from it? Of course it teaches you soulmates actually exist. And that they’re not a fairy tale or pie in the sky romantic nonsense. You learn about soul connections, and the signs¬†and what have you.

But are you missing out on what the universe really wants you to learn? Are you fighting the changes you need to make instead of applying what your soulmate experience has taught you? Have you been lazy, expecting some magical force to fix the issues in your soulmate relationship and within yourself? Were you supposed to learn to have faith but question if the connection is strong enough or really exists?

Have you learned anything about yourself? Have you looked back at your past relationship mistakes but continue to repeat them? Are you setting boundaries with your soulmate to make sure your relationship stays healthy and happy? Have you realized what you did wrong in the past won’t work this time either?


It’s not a coincidence that there are patterns of behavior that keep repeating in your soulmate relationship. And it’s happening because a lesson will be repeated until you learn the right way going forward. Without doing so, you can’t reasonably expect change to occur. We all screw things up, but making the same mistakes over and over again is a choice.

You can choose to do what you already know doesn’t work. Or you can try something different. The choice is up to you. And you have to live with the responsibility of those choices. Empower yourself to take charge of your soulmate relationship instead of feeling like a victim. Stop complaining about what is happening to you, and make something else happen as you move forward.

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