Soulmate Guidance for Soulmate Relationships

Soulmate guidance is often needed in soulmate relationships. Deep emotions and a strong bond make it easy for soulmates to think with their heart rather than their brain. It is hard to use logic and see solutions to their issues when their emotions have taken the wheel.


Getting soulmate guidance from your friends or family members is impossible if they have never been in a soulmate relationship. If they have not had first hand experience with soulmates, it is really hard to understand exactly what you are going through. If they can’t fully understand, its difficult to provide good guidance. This is why soulmates often turn to psychics.

Until you have been through it yourself you just cannot relate to what is happening. You may no longer wish to seek guidance from your friends or family members because you don’t want them to think you are just crazy. They may judge you and think you and your soulmate are out of your minds. You may be forgiving of your soulmates behavior. But they may always hold it against them.

Soulmate Guidance for Soulmate Relationships
Soulmate Guidance for Soulmate Relationships

They also do not understand your soulmate the way you do. They may just chalk it up to the fact that your soulmate is a horrible, mean person and that you need to get away from them. They may also be sick and tired of listening to you talk about your relationship. The only guidance they are going to give you is to break up with them. But that really isn’t the guidance you are looking for, is it?


Sometimes the truth hurts, and you may need to walk away from your soulmate for a while. Try and look at your relationship objectively. Use the connection to your soulmate for guidance. You know a spiritually connected relationship should be held to a high standard. Have you been lowering your standards? If you are, how can you reasonably expect that to work?

Look at your soulmate’s past behavior, and look at yours. Notice any patterns? If you do, understand these patterns are hard to break. Your soulmate probably won’t deviate from them so nothing is going to change for right now. Now look at yours.

That is where you have to start. Not with them, but with yourself. What are you always doing or saying in reaction to your soulmate? How are you handling your relationship issues with them? Notice a pattern? When you do, that is where change needs to begin. Your repeated words and behaviors are not helping. They are making things worse or enabling them to stay stuck.

You are both, thanks to these patterns, predictably dysfunctional. Push past your resistance to changing your ways. You want your soulmate to do that, don’t you? Well, you have to do it first unfortunately. Use your logic as a guide. See your relationship as someone else’s, not yours. What would you tell them to do? Since what you have done hasn’t worked for you, why would it work for them? Stick with the facts, forget about how much you love them. Loving them is not the problem, and you are here to fix a problem. So focus on what goes wrong, when it goes wrong, and what happens next.

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