Soulmate Psychic Readings – Tips For Your Best Reading Experience

Soulmate psychic readings are a great way to better understand your soulmate relationship.

The questions you ask in your reading are important and should be worded properly. This will give you the best insight into many of the complex issues regarding your soulmate relationship.

It’s important to phrase your questions in a way that will allow us to give you the best most specific answer possible. In other words a direct clear question will produce direct clear answers.

We’re going to show you the general way, and the better way, to ask questions about your soulmate. And explain what why.


1. Is this soulmate relationship worth it?

This is not really a good question. You are asking for our opinion, not for a psychic prediction. The better way to ask this question would be, “Is there anything I can do to make my soulmate relationship what I want it to be?”

Or you can ask if certain toxic behaviors in your soulmate’s behavior can be changed. We can provide better guidance and predictions to this type of question, which would not be based on an opinion.

2. How does my soulmate feel about me right now?

Again this is not a very good question. If you just had a fight, your soulmate may feel mad, angry and hopeless about your relationship right now. But how will they feel when they calm down? See the difference?

Instead, ask “Have their feelings for me changed permanently because of the argument we had?” Again this allows us to the look at the situation and provide better predictions, answers and give you clarity.

3. When will my soulmate contact me?

This is also a poor example of a question for a soulmate reading. First of all, timing can be tricky when it comes to things like phone calls or texts. How many times have you thought you were going to call someone and lost track of time? It happens.

The larger issue is that you lost contact in the first place and why, or that you’re in a relationship where contact is inconsistent. What is this contact going to lead to? What is the best way for you to handle this contact, and what is their real intent in contacting you?

These are much better questions than simply “When are they going to contact me?” Also, many times people don’t really plan when they’re going to contact someone so it is hard to pin down.

4. Are things going to change in our relationship?

Change is not easy and doesn’t happen overnight. People resist change. A better way to ask a question like this would be “What can I do to make changes in my relationship?” or “Is there anything I can do, or need to change about myself to bring about change in my relationship?”

Another great question is “Can my soulmate change to be the way I want them to be or is it a lost cause?”

Soulmate Psychic Readings - Our Tips for Best Reading Experience
Soulmate Psychic Readings Tips

You also need to understand the vagueness of this particular question. If a soulmate psychic does a reading for you and your question was “can my relationship change for the better” and the psychic gets the answer yes, you need to realize you need specify what changes you want. Or you may not get the changes you were hoping for.

Your communication may improve, which means your relationship changes for the better. But you want to know if you would get a commitment. You didn’t specify the change you were seeking in the question, so don’t blame the psychic. Ask them the proper questions to get the answers you are looking for.

5. Tell me about…

This is probably one of the worst questions you can ask during soulmate psychic readings. If you just ask us to tell you about your soulmate you may receive such vague answers as: they like blue, ate fish for dinner last night and sleeps in Winnie the Pooh pajamas.

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you probably know this about them already. So what is it you want to know about them that you don’t? Be specific. You’ll get a specific answer. Be vague like that, you get nowhere.

So a better question would be “Why has my soulmate been quiet lately?” or “Will my soulmate give me more attention when his work project is over?” A soulmate psychic will be able to provide the details you are really looking for rather than if your romantic partner likes strawberry jam.

6. Does my soulmate love me?

Love is not always enough. If you want to know if they love you enough to come back, break up with their current partner, move across the country to be with you, or settle down and marry you someday, then add that to your question. People can love you but take you for granted, treat you poorly or love you from afar. If you want to know if your soulmate will act on those feelings, ask us.

7. Is my soulmate coming back?

Yes, even this is a poor question. Actually, it’s not a bad question to begin with, but you also need to ask the psychic what it will be like when you get back together. Find out what your should do differently to make sure you do not break up again. Learn why your soulmate broke up with you to begin with. The break up happened for a reason, and you need to know what that reason really is.

These are just a few examples of the best way to ask questions to get the most out of your reading. We give you the information you ask for, not what you don’t. Psychics are supposed to respect your privacy and only look for the answers you seek.

The more specific the question, the more specific the answer.

General readings will give you general answers which is information you probably already know and don’t care about. If you’re looking for specific answers to your questions please phrase them in a way that will permit us to get to the core of your concerns, quickly and efficiently.

Soulmate psychics Sophia Elise and Sarah Adelle have been doing soulmate psychic readings for many decades. They can answer all of your questions during your reading as well as give you the guidance you need to get your soulmate relationship on track.

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