Soulmate Breakup – How to Deal Cope

Soulmate Breakup – How to Cope

A soulmate breakup is a difficult thing to deal with. Breaking up is hard to do, but breaking up with a soulmate will be one of the most difficult things you ever do. As you are more than aware by now a romantic soulmate relationship is very intense. The connection the two of you share is on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. On the other hand regular relationships may only be on the physical and mental, or even just physical only.

breaking up with a soulmate is difficult

Breaking up with a Soulmate is Difficult

A soulmate breakup will make you feel like you are losing part of yourself. This is someone you have merged with and joined to and removing that energy from yours can make you feel like a part of you is dying. And it is a death of sorts. It is about change and transformation, which is what death is anyway. You are saying goodbye not only to your soulmate, but to a part of yourself. It is heart-breaking and you will suffer, but you will get through it all and you will love again. Just not next week. Healing from a soulmate breakup will take time.

There are many reasons for a soulmate breakup and choosing to end that soulmate relationship. Perhaps you realize your time together is ended, which really indicates you have reached the end of your soulmate contract. You find you are no longer happy in the relationship even though you have both worked on it. Maybe you are the only one who has worked on improving your relationship but your soulmate partner has been lazy. You have been patient with them, encouraged them to change, but they still are not moving the relationship in the direction you would like.

On the other hand, maybe your soulmate has been treating you disrespectfully, not honoring the connection you share and making you feel disempowered.  If that is the case, would it not be better to take back your own power from your soulmate so you can get along with your life, and meet someone else who will respect you? It is not in the Divine plan for any of us to be disrespected, degraded and mistreated. When we are, it is a sign that we should do something about it.

When you experience a soulmate breakup you will see the connection is still alive and it will take some time to break that. We have presented some guidelines for disconnecting with your soulmate in Breaking the Soulmate Connection. It will take time for the connection to dissipate. It will take some time for you to feel whole again. Honor that. Honor yourself. Allow yourself to grieve as you work through the soulmate breakup process. Be good to yourself!




  1. Do soulmates ever get back together after a separation ?? I can’t see life with out my other half.. I broke it off since he is having depression problems and is working on himself.. Which is a good thing..

  2. Yes Michelle they can and we have some articles here about that. BTW you did the right thing by separating yourself from this right now while he works on himself and his issues. This is what he needs to fix before you can both consider working on the relationship togteher

  3. Thanks for this post. This is really helpful for people who experienced breaking up with his/her soul mate. It is nice to be in love but I think we should not give it all, leave love for yourself.

  4. I had to break up with my soulmate 3 mos. ago due to him panicking about love and commitment, causing a fight and then cheating on me. He has attachment disorder from being abused as a child. We were both abused as children, but we had many other great connections too. He tried to get my attention many ways, but I had to ignore them. He is destructive right now, with depression, anxiety, alcohol and cheating. Then on purpose he knew I was attending an outdoor event and he had a much younger woman meet him there where he flirted with her right in front of me. It has been a very painful experience on so many levels. I just have never felt this strongly for anyone or felt so connected, but he runs from the intense connection. He is so scared. I am so sad and feel so lost.

    • Yes he is and these are the typical kind of personal growth issues that have to be addressed individually in a soulmate relationship. yes the connection is there but.. he is not a whole person as he is just now with all of his dysfunction and issues. These need to be addressed by him… and he must grow and evolve into a better person before any relationship between the two of you would work out.

  5. Sometimes soulmates have to break up so they can learn their lessons alone because they are not learning them together. Right?

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