Do Excuses Keeping You Stuck in a Dysfunctional Soulmate Relationship?

We have heard many excuses from people who believe themselves to be in a soulmate relationship, who are really not. For example, they may say someone is their soulmate, allowing them to stay stuck in a severely dysfunctional relationship. This allows them to use the soulmate excuse to stay stuck in the dysfunction, rather than create the changes needed to leave the relationship and move on with their lives. They are miserable,with the wrong people, and rather than accept it and move on so they can meet their soulmate, they hold on tightly to the one who is not.

Another example of a soulmate excuse is when someone allows their soulmate, or one who they believe is their soulmate, to mistreat, disrespect and under value them. They think that the connection between them, and the uniqueness of it, is so special that they have to excuse their behavior and words. They would not allow other romantic partners to treat them so horribly, but because they believe this person is their soulmate, they seem to permit this mistreatment.

The third example of a soulmate excuse is the one people give for their own actions and words, because they feel they should be excused. After all, it is only because of the soulmate relationship, and the challenges it brings, that they do and say these things. They feel they have carte blanche when it comes to their soulmate, and all forms of reason, logic and karma goes right out the window.

soulmate excuses keep you stuck in dysfunctional relationships

Are Soulmate Excuses Keeping you Stuck in a Dysfunctional Relationship?

If you are with someone you believe is your soulmate, you should not excuse them for treating your badly. Your soulmate should not be excused for repeatedly cheating on you, verbally abusing you, physically or emotionally abusing you or coming in and out of your life when they feel like it. You should not put your life on hold because they won’t end a previous relationship to be with you.Do you really think the Universe, or the Divine, put the two of you together so it could be like this? Are you saying that the Universe created something spiritual between the two of you and permits it to be treated like garbage? No, it does not. You can’t use the soulmate excuse to continue tolerating negative and abusive treatment. That is not what this soulmate connection is for. It is for the two of you to learn, grow and evolve into better people and better romantic partners. It is so that you can be abused. If this is indeed a soulmate connection which has become dysfunctional, it is up to you and your soulmate to fix it. You need to discover your role in this relationship, and allow them to do their part, not excuse them from doing it.

You also need to accept that many dysfunctional relationships have their own connection as well. This can actually feel like a soulmate connection. The co-dependency of a relationship can often make those involved feel it is a spiritual thing when it really is coming from the wrong place. It has nothing to do with spirituality, but people want to “pretty it up” rather than look at how ugly it really is. People who are being manipulated,  who have lost their self esteem and who have been abused, sometimes feel something is wrong. But their romantic partner has power over them. In cases like this, yes, the other person does have power over them, but it has absolutely nothing to do with a soulmate connection. They want to think it is a soulmate connection rather than face the reality that they are in a dead-end relationship that will never work, no matter how hard they try.

Soulmate psychics Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah will give you honest answers concerning your relationship. They will let you know if  the one who you believe is your soulmate, really is or is not, your soulmate romantic partner. As expert, professional, ethical psychics, they will not tell you what you want to hear to enable you to use soulmate excuses any longer. Soulmate relationships require a lot of work, but if there is no reward for your hard work, or if you are wasting your time, you need to know, and you need to know now.  Even though the truth my be hard to hear, it is ultimately for your best good, so you can start taking the steps necessary to  move on with your life.

Your soulmate should bring out the best in you, and you should do the same for them. That is not to say they will make you happy all of the time or that there won’t be some struggles and obstacles along the way. These struggles and obstacles are the things that create the growth and ultimately improve your soulmate relationship.  The excuses you make for handling your soulmate the wrong way, by either acting out or allowing them to act out, will not bring out the best in each other. Clearly it will bring out the worst.
And you wondering why your soulmate relationship is not getting any better? How can it if you both are doing the wrong things? When one or both parties are damaging the soulmate relationship you cannot and should not expect positive changes. Soulmate psychics Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can help you see the excuses both you and your romantic partner have been using to prevent your relationship from growing and evolving. They can help you change things for the better, rather that allowing soulmate excuses keep stuck in a dysfunctional relationship that is no longer working.


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