Stages of Soulmate Relationships

There are several different stages of soulmate relationships. Not all couples will go through every stage. In some cases, the stages won’t be necessary.

All soulmate relationships are unique. It’s for this reason not all the stages apply to everyone.


Here are the stages of soulmate relationships, and why some couples don’t experience them. Also please note that not every soulmate relationship will go in this order.

1. Spiritual Awakening

The first stage of soulmate relationships comes with a spiritual awakening. There’s a desire for something more from their relationships. People are seeking to connect on a deeper level with their partner. Gone are the days of superficial compatibility being enough. Only a spiritual connection will fulfill them from here on out.

Believe it or not, it’s rare that both soulmates are looking for a soulmate at the same time. Usually only one is. The other either does not believe in soulmates or has no idea they exist. Sometimes neither one of them is awakened to the idea of soulmates. This is why many soulmate couples don’t experience this stage.

2. First Meeting

The next stage occurs when the soulmates first meet each other. Regardless of how prepared they are, the initial meeting is significant and overwhelming. The connection is immediately recognized, even if it cannot be articulated.

3. The Whirlwind

The soulmate whirlwind is stage three. This is when they’re both open to the connection. They accept it and enjoy the experience. The relationship moves very quickly. It’s as if they’re the only two people in the world. They’re experiencing love on another level.

But not every soulmate gets to stage three right after step two. Sometimes, after the initial meeting, one may skip right to another stage. This happens if they deny the connection or run from the connection out of fear. Most soulmate couples do get to this stage though, before they run or sabotage the relationship.

4. Questioning the Connection

Questioning the connection is the fourth stage. At the beginning both allow themselves to get swept away in their fairytale romance. At some point, almost all soulmates question the connection. They want to know if their feelings are real and normal.

Stages of Soulmate Relationships
Stages of Soulmate Relationships

How can they feel so much so fast and so deeply? Is it all in their mind? They question if the connection is one-sided. This is a very dangerous stage. This stage often leads to the runner stage. It can also be the reason why they allow fear to grow instead of faith. If the fear grows, it can lead to dysfunctional soulmate relationships.

5. Sabotaging the relationship

The next stage is the sabotage phase. When soulmates question the connection they test it. They try to see what they can get away with. They test their soulmate’s boundaries and see if there are any consequences to their actions. Do not let a soulmate cross your boundaries with zero consequences. You would only do that due to fear of losing them. Get your fears in check and get your faith in order.

If your soulmate breaks things off for no reason, tells you they’re unsure of their feelings or acts out, don’t feed into it. Don’t create or allow bad patterns of behavior. Those will be extremely difficult to change down the line. Now’s the time for both of you to be strong.

Please don’t feed into or reward insecurities. Not all soulmates go through this stage. Some are so grateful to be blessed with a soulmate they would never allow their fears or insecurities to interfere.

6. The Runner

Stage six is the hardest on soulmate couples. This is the soulmate runner and chaser stage. Thanks to stages 3 and 4, a soulmate might run from the connection. They simply can’t handle the intensity of the connection. A lack of control over their emotions causes them to panic. They don’t believe they’re ready to surrender to the connection. So instead, they choose to deny it and run for the hills.

The other soulmate, devastated of course, chases to convince them to return. Or they allow their soulmate to come into their lives over and over again. The problem is their soulmate keeps running. Not all soulmates go through this stage. However, most experience this stage at some point in their relationship. How long the soulmate separation lasts, and the damage it causes, is up to the couple and the choices they make.

7. Lessons learned

This is where the soulmates learn their lessons, regardless of whether they do it together or apart. Every soulmate couple has something left to learn or they would be twin flames. At some point they have to learn those lessons or they cannot get to stage 8 which is…..

8. Applying the lessons

Stage 8 is where the lessons are applied. The couple has risen above lower level emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. They’re a couple with strength and power. They’re grateful for the connection and can get through anything together. Their relationship is harmonious and equally balanced.

What have been your experiences in the stages of soulmate relationships? What stage do you find yourself currently in? We would love to hear from you in our comments section.

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