Communication Skills in Soulmate Relationships

Communication is important to all relationships but even more so when it comes to soulmate relationships. Proper  communications skills build happier, healthier relationships.


We rely on communication skills to express our thoughts, feelings, needs and desires. We also need healthy, positive communication skills to deal with conflict in our soulmate relationships.

Unfortunately communication has, to some degree, become manipulation in some soulmate unions. This is primarily because many people won’t say what they need to say. And they choose instead play word games. Soulmate relationships have their own unique challenges. And unfortunately communication can cause more misunderstandings and manipulation than one would like to admit.

Communication Skills in Soulmate Relationships
Communication Skills in Soulmate Relationships

At the beginning of a soulmate relationship you may feel completely comfortable and at ease. This allows complete honesty and transparency in your conversations. It always feels safe with a soulmate, in the beginning, to reveal one’s innermost thoughts, feelings, and experiences. But what is strange, yet common, is as the soulmate relationship progresses, many couples are no longer as forthcoming in their vocal expressions.

Perhaps they don’t what to appear confrontational, so they remain silent about things bothering them. Sometimes a willingness to ignore red flags may keep soulmates from expressing very important feelings. And they may revert to not standing up for themselves nor defend their point of view. This is the beginning of the communication breakdown between the soulmates. Once words are censored, the problems begin.


When soulmates begin to alter their lines of communication the relationship suffers. And there’s also a misconception that soulmates should always know how the other feels and thinks. They believe soulmates should know the right thing to do or say to make the other happy.

This is an unrealistic expectation. Although soulmates do share empathic and telepathic connections in many cases, you can’t reasonably expect them to be a mind reader 100% of the time. Don’t set your relationship up to fail. Speak up. It’s your job to express your wants, goals, desires and wishes. It’s not someone else’s job to guess. When couples create their relationship dynamic it’s up to each person to define boundaries and enforce them with their words and actions.

Saying you want to end the relationship every time there’s a fight, without really meaning it, is a cruel and childish use of words. Someone can take those words as the truth! But the one saying them knows it’s just their way to win an argument or sabotage the relationship from moving forward. Be careful of how you communicate with your soulmate. These relationships are supposed to allow freedom of your expression. They’re not meant for us to censure ourselves.

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