Reading Between the Lines with Your Soulmate

Reading between the lines takes skill. And many times we do it incorrectly when it comes to a soulmate. Sometimes reading between the lines is necessary. But at other times people go overboard trying to read what they think is there. Because of the intense emotions and strong connection, our fears can manifest. In doing so we can overanalyze our soulmate’s every word and gesture. Sometimes, it’s just not that deep. Yet it’s hard for some folks to take things at face value.


Sometimes a statement is simply a statement, with no hidden meaning or agenda. Of course there are many people who drop hints. Or they use their words as a way to leave clues, without getting straight to the point. This is a horrible way of communication, but many people do it. In some cases, a soulmate may drop hints or leave clues accidentally. So when reading between the lines, you may discover something they’re trying to hide from you.

You must learn, however, to refrain from reading between the lines when there simply isn’t anything there. When you read too much into things, such as words and actions in a soulmate relationship, it can cause problems. Not everything your soulmate does or says has hidden meaning. There are countless arguments that can arise when a person is simply communicating but winds up being accused to saying something entirely different than they mean. There is often an empathic connection between soulmates. So your own feelings and insecurities can cause you to second guess yourself, and your soulmate.

Reading Between the Lines with Your Soulmate
Reading Between the Lines with Your Soulmate


Being honest, and not being afraid to say what you feel and think, when communicating is better for a any relationship than keeping your thoughts and feelings secret. Getting right to the point is also a better way of communicating with your soulmate because you’re not playing games. Why not simply say “I am upset by what you did (or didn’t do) and I need you to hear my feelings about it.” This is a lot better than beating around the bush. Stop giving them the silent treatment or being passive aggressive.

Why pout, act upset and wait for them to ask what your problem is? Do you say “nothing, I am fine.” when clearly you’re not? Why say “we need to talk” and then don’t say exactly what you need to talk about? Saying “we need to talk about our relationship” is exceptionally vague as well. You should be talking about a specific thing, so get to it. Instead of all the melodrama, which gets the other person in the soulmate relationship emotional or defensive, try to have a discussion instead of fight.


Try not to constantly accuse your soulmate of hiding something from you or turning their words against them. Constantly questioning someone when they insist they simply mean what they originally say can get really annoying for them. If they’re a game player, and you know they’re playing word games, accusing them won’t do anything good. It’s better to take their words at face value and not play their game. So they eventually have to come right out with what they really want to say. You don’t need to play detective and figure out what they are saying or thinking. So let them have the responsibility of telling you.

The same holds true with how they feel, if you’re getting signals from them they may be out of sorts. You can ask them if something is wrong once. If they tell you nothing, but you know something is up, just leave it. You did your part, you asked, and they dropped the ball. Let them pick it up instead of continually bringing it up. If you play the game with them, they will keep playing the games.

Don’t play them yourself either. No one likes it and no one appreciates it. Game playing should never be a part of a soulmate relationship, but unfortunately they often are. It’s up to each partner to stop the game playing so the relationship can stay on a spiritual path.

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