Red Flags They are Not Your Soulmate

The red flags telling you someone is not your soulmate are not something you should ignore.

You may brush these red flags off because you think this person is your soulmate. Many people do this, way too often.

First and foremost, bad behavior will become more prevalent as your relationship evolves. If the foundation you’re creating in your soulmate relationship is a weak one, you cannot expect good things to come out of it.

Instead, you should just expect worse things to come. We can have chemistry with someone but that does not mean they’re a soulmate. We can have intense feelings for someone but that does not make them a soulmate. Here are some red flags warning you this person is not your soulmate.


1. Relationship based on sex

If your relationship is purely sexual, this is a red flag they’re not your soulmate. Good sex, or even great sex, doesn’t mean you’re soulmates. Physical attraction alone does not mean you have a deep spiritual connection. Just because you connect on a physical level does not mean you connect on a soul level.

If you have nothing else in common or don’t communicate or connect in any other way, chances are this person is not your soulmate. You can try all you want to make them a soulmate, but you’re really wasting your time trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. Not going to happen.

Red Flags They are Not Your Soulmate
Red Flags They are Not Your Soulmate

2. One sided relationship

If your relationship revolves around one of you pleasing the other, this can also be a red flag you’re not with your soulmate. It’s understandable that you want to please your soulmate but they should want to please you as well. If you are with a false soulmate, only one of you feels the connection, while the other one is taking advantage of it. The relationship is really one-sided.

If you don’t put in the work, the relationship will fall apart because the other will do nothing to keep the relationship going. Yes soulmates can get selfish if one goes overboard, but we’re talking about when the feelings or connection is not mutual.

3. No common values

When your relationship doesn’t have mutual core values, chances are you’re not soulmates. You should be on common ground with your soulmate when it comes to your morality and deep convictions. You should have some common goals and dreams.

If you don’t, you should both at least support them in one another. If the person you think is your soulmate is trying to keep you from achieving your goals and dreams (and let’s face it, your happiness) it could be a red flag this person is a false soulmate.

4. No trust

All relationships need a certain level of trust. If the person you believe is your soulmate cannot be trusted, no matter how much you want to trust them, they’re not a true soulmate. Yes, soulmates can make mistakes on their journey, but if you cannot trust them, that is your inner voice (soul) talking to you. You should always pay attention to your intuition because it doesn’t lie.

5. Looking for clues and signs

When you try too hard looking for clues and signs this person is your soulmate they’re are not. You don’t have to search for clues. The signs are loud and clear if they’re really present. It’s more than obvious and there should be no second guessing involved.

When you meet your soulmate, you both know it. No one really has to wonder, because it’s intense and unlike anything you ever experienced before. We all know those people that claim to meet soulmate after soulmate, as if they have hundreds of them. A soulmate is a rare soul connection between two people, they are not a dime a dozen.

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