Should You Confront Your Soulmate?

Should you confront your soulmate when you feel their behavior has gotten out of control? Since soulmate relationships are challenging relationships, there usually comes a time when you have to confront your soulmate.  It is hard for many soulmates to have the courage to confront their soulmate because they fear their soulmate will leave.

Although they believe the person is their soulmate they forget that the connection is on both sides. They don’t have faith in the soulmate connection or the soulmate experience. They worry the will lose their soulmate if they hold them to the same standards they would anyone else they were in a relationship with.

Should You Confront Your Soulmate?

Should You Confront Your Soulmate?

Because so many people think soulmate relationships are easy breezy they are shocked when the drama and problems creep up. It often makes them wonder if they are indeed in a soulmate relationship because they believed if they met their soulmate everything would run smoothly. So instead of confronting their soulmate and nipping the bad actions and words they use in the bud, they brush it under the carpet.

The only thing this leads to is more bad behavior and/or words, and they get progressively worse over time. Many times people will not confront their soulmate until it has gotten so bad that they cannot take it anymore and the relationship is a dysfunctional mess. The longer the behavior continues, the harder it is and the longer it takes to change.

That is why you should hold your soulmate to just as high if not higher standards of behavior than you would just any other relationship. You should both be honoring your connection, not using it to manipulate, take advantage of, or take for granted. If your soulmate is doing that, you should confront them right away.

You need to back up those words with action. Make them afraid that if they don’t treat you right you will be the one to run from them. So don’t ignore the bad behavior and words your soulmate may use, confront it head on so your relationship stays on the right path.  And if you are the soulmate that is acting out, don’t be surprised when the day comes that your soulmate confronts you. Even soulmates can only take so much and will let you know when they have had enough of your shenanigans.

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  1. You are right. And some point issues have to be faced head on or they won’t go away.

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