Interfering in Your Soulmate’s Lessons

Interfering in your soulmate’s lessons is easier than focusing on your own.

No one likes to look at their own behaviors and shortcomings. It’s easier to focus on someone else’s issues and want them to change. This is the wrong thing to do with a soulmate.

That’s not how soulmate relationships work.

When we focus on our soulmate’s lessons, we avoid the lessons and growth that are a crucial part of our soulmate journey.

Instead we wonder when they will call, when they will change, when will they leave their spouse and when will they get their act together.

We don’t learn, they don’t learn, and the relationship deteriorates.


Take your attention off of them and instead, concentrate on yourself. You can’t learn their lessons for them. We get so many clients looking only at their partners behaviors and not their own. We get calls all the time asking us questions like:

  • When will my soulmate end their other relationship?
  • When will he or she be ready to commit to me?
  • Why isn’t my soulmate talking to me?
  • Why is my soulmate ignoring my repeated texts and phone calls?
  • When will my soulmate change?
  • What are my soulmate’s lessons in this relationship?
Interfering in Your Soulmate's Lessons
Interfering in Your Soulmate’s Lessons


Your soulmate’s challenge is to end their previous relationship to be with you. That’s their lesson. Now, what is yours? If you work on yours, it should be a catalyst for them to deal with theirs.

It’s the same with the commitment question. Your soulmate may have to focus on their commitment issues for your relationship to move forward. Now ask yourself what should you change about yourself in regards to this? Maybe you keep getting involved with unavailable people. It could be several different things within you that allow this lack of commitment to continue.

If your soulmate has ghosted you by not responding to your texts or calls, that is on them. Your lesson is to ask yourself why you allow this behavior to happen without consequence? Will you allow it to become a pattern
in your relationship, thereby sabotaging it from growth?

All of those questions are about what the other person needs to fix to the relationship to thrive. It takes two people, not just one. If you allow the bad behaviors to continue you’re keeping them from learning and growing. If you create excuse after excuse for them, they have no reason to do things differently.

You are stunting both their growth and your relationship. You’re getting in the way of the real purpose of your soulmate connection. Is it any wonder that the relationship is getting worse and worse?


Perhaps they need a period of disconnect and no communication to get their act together. This is because they’re not bringing out the best in each other. They aren’t the catalyst for one another evolving.

Instead, they support each other’s stagnation. They allow their spiritual partner to behave abominably. They lower their standards and push aside warning signs when they appear. Why?

Well, they believe that when it comes to a soulmate, they’re supposed to. That couldn’t be further from the truth. This is one of the main reasons why soulmate relationships are so tough for so many couples.

It’s not the universe’s fault. It’s not something that’s destined to happen. It is because of the deviation from the spiritual path. We all know right from wrong.

Yet what seems to escape people is that unless their soulmate relationship is held to higher standards, and traveling on a spiritual path, it will be a disaster. The spiritual connection is for the couple to do with what they choose.

They want to use it to create a strong, long lasting, nurturing partnership? No problem. All you they to do is come from a place of strength, create and enforce healthy boundaries, and refuse to succumb to lower vibration emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

If either soulmate decides to go the route of allowing behaviors they never would in any other relationship, or those they know are beneath them, the relationship will suffer. The couple will most likely separate at some point and have to make the changes they have avoided by themselves.


Take a good look at the relationship first. Then make a list of the negative things you tolerate from your partner. Ask yourself what you were feeling at the time that caused you to let it slide.

Right there you will find an opportunity for growth. You know deep down you shouldn’t have let that become a part of your relationship. You wouldn’t have permitted anyone else to behave that way around you. Or do you always let people get away with behavior like that?

It’s time to make a change within yourself so you no longer tolerate it going forward. Focus on what things within you need to be addressed so you can become a better, stronger person. Remember our soulmates mirror and reflect back to us the things within ourselves we need to work on.

What were your soulmate lessons? Comment below!

Originally posted on 2012-03-05 @ 9:18 pm

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  1. This made me look at our relationship (my soulmate and I ) in a totally new way! Thank you for writing this article. I am so glad I found it.

  2. Can you ever get back together. He was my life and we were one of those couples who just were all over each other everywhere we went, he was crazy about me. I pissed him off 3 weeks ago as I got drunk and stuff happened. He told me to go at least to give him some space. I just thought that something isn’t right as ive been away and there is no words from him about when I should come back. We have been having communication and its been nice and friendly. However my gut feeling told me today to call our landlord, I wanted to see if my partner had given in notice then I would no that this split is for real, he has given in notice and will be moving out March 18th. I was everything to him and everyone said so, they even said they had never seen him this happy before, Even in photos his family have said to me that he has never smiled showing his teeth before as he does cuddling me in pictures. He was my world and my everything in everyway, I took 34 years to find him and I am now 41 and I never will want to meet anyone ever again as I have found my soulmate my life partner and that’s it forever.I want him back so bad.

  3. im unsure where I went wrong but my soulmate and I haven’t been properly in contact and I feel alone as not in relationship with any one im scared of the outcome and past what do I do helpxxxx advice

  4. This article just reminded me of what I already knew, and what we talked about in our reading. Some days are really hard, and reminders like this keep the big picture in perspective.

  5. Thanks i got it, I read it the right time too!!
    I was searching for a clue and i found it here!!!
    Messages are coming to the right time to us,
    cause the universe allow to us the right time to understand


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