Soulmate Depression: How To Survive

Soulmate depression comes in many forms.

One form of soulmate depression is when one partner is bringing dysfunctional behavior into the relationship. When things are not going well, and chaos and drama are a part of daily life, it’s easy to understand why one would be in a state of depression.

Of course you didn’t want things to get this bad. It sucks because you try everything you can think of to make your soulmate relationship better. It’s not fair if your soulmate leaves or refuses to deal with the strong connection the two of you share.

In every relationship, it hurts when your partner betrays or disrespects you. If you have a spiritual connection, the pain is even deeper. It’s easy to sink into a state of depression when a soulmate relationship is falling, or has fallen, apart.

Depression is also an excuse some soulmates use to behave badly. Their depression is not medical. They’re just in a bad mood, or a sad mood, like every human being can be at some point in their life. Being in a bad mood doesn’t let someone off the hook when they take out their bad mood on their partner.

However, many have chosen to use depression as an excuse for mistreating their partner. Don’t accept that excuse. If they have a medical problem, they need to see a medical professional to manage their depression. If they just use depression as an excuse, yet are seeking no help, they may be being manipulative and not taking responsibility for their actions.


If your soulmate ends your relationship, depression may be debilitating. So many soulmates take every argument to the extreme. One soulmate may make mountains out of mole hills and make all disagreements World War 3. The other soulmate may overreact in their own way, by thinking every time this happens, they will break up and the relationship will be over. This cycle of behavior can easily bring on major depression.

When you allow your emotions to overwhelm you it’s easy to find yourself in an emotional funk. Creating an emotional distance from your own emotions is the best thing you can do. Take yourself out of what you feel and try to look at your relationship as an outsider.

Soulmate Depression: How To Survive
Soulmate Depression: How To Survive

Refrain from using the same old excuses to excuse yourself and your soulmate. Start speaking to yourself like a good friend would. Use tough love. Use common sense and logic. Just stop using your emotions to make your decisions for you.

Something is not working on your end and you have to find out what that is. Stop doing the same things looking for better results. That doesn’t include just what you say and do towards your soulmate. But also how you handle it within yourself internally.

Stop with the melodrama. Stop letting your feelings take over all your thoughts. Don’t worry that your relationship will be over or is over. Stop mourning the loss of your soulmate. Instead, search for something new you can bring to the table. Look for the patterns of behavior in your partner and in yourself. Find your role in all of this and accept that you need to do things differently. From here on out, commit to learning from past mistakes, not repeating them.


Have you broken up numerous times and got back together each time? Each time you went through emotional hell while you were apart, only to reconcile like you have done many times before. So what’s the point of torturing yourself and going through soulmate depression when you didn’t have to?

You went through it for nothing. It’s time to come up with another way of handling your emotional triggers. If your soulmate ends your relationship, the best thing you can do is allow yourself some time for healing. Don’t wallow in it. Try to do what you can to distract yourself as best you can.

Your soulmate may use break ups as a way to gain the upper hand. Are they successful? If they are, they’re going to keep breaking up with you. Time to stop giving them the upper hand.

Look for something, anything, to bring yourself even a little bit of joy. Even if it only lasts a minute or two. Don’t punish yourself by not eating or sleeping. Stop letting your worst case scenarios get the better of you. Spend time with others and don’t isolate yourself.

If you must think of your soulmate, don’t focus on the wrong things. Get tough with yourself. You don’t want to find yourself here again do you? So what are you going to do about it? Almost all soulmates have rough patches, and they can get through it. Do the best you can to draw your strength from the connection you have and use it to empower yourself going forward.

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