Soulmate Strength Are You Strong or Weak?

Soulmate strength is important for a happy soulmate relationship. What is the degree of your soulmate strength?

Soulmate relationships are designed to make you stronger, not weaker. So why do some soulmate relationships make you behave in a weak, disempowering ways?


We have written about the strength between soulmates. The strength of the connection, love, commitment and so much more. But there’s also a weakness associated with the connection. When it comes to soulmates, the strength of our emotions makes us feel powerless. And this causes us to act in ways that are perceived as weak.

In this particular situation though, strength and weakness reveal themselves at the wrong times. For example, let’s say your soulmate is weak and denies your connection. Their fear of the connection causes them resist everything about it.

So don’t let their weakness become yours. Do not let their fear becomes yours. If you do this, you’ll both become weaker in the process. This will set your relationship on a downward spiral.

Soulmate Strength Are You Strong or Weak?
Soulmate Strength Are You Strong or Weak?


This fear will cause you to say, think and do all the wrong things. You’re not utilizing your soulmate connection to pursue the things you need to do in this relationship. Instead of giving you the strength to address the lessons you need to learn, you allow the connection to be your excuse to be driven by fear. Your soulmate is already doing that, which is creating the problem in the first place.

So how could you think by doing the same thing your relationship will improve? It won’t. It keeps you stuck in fear and weakness, rather than acceptance and strength. When you allow your soulmate to use your connection the wrong way, you both wind up hurt and frustrated. Unfortunately, you will be the one with the most pain and frustration.


The person who accepts and embraces the soulmate connection should be using that as their strength. It should be what you hold on to, rather than clinging to fear. If you want your soulmate to have the strength to make changes, shouldn’t you lead by example?

If you’re filled with weakness and fear, how can you expect your soulmate to be brave and courageous? You know how strong your bond is. And instead of finding peace, comfort and validation in that, you’re worried and miserable. Now you’re taking this blessing and turning it into a curse.

This is all wrong.

There’s a reason why your soulmate is not ready and your relationship isn’t moving forward. You’re pinning it all on them and wondering why they’re not getting it together. You focus on them making changes and doing what they need to do.

But look at what you’re doing, or not doing, that’s causing them to remain in soulmate limbo. It’s better for you and your soulmate if you approach it from the position of soulmate strength, not weakness. In soulmate relationships, only the strong survive!

Originally posted on 2012-02-25 @ 1:52 pm

6 thoughts on “Soulmate Strength Are You Strong or Weak?”

  1. I don’t even know what to say. Every layer of each article represents my soulmate relationship 100%. I am speechless at how my life is mimicking every nuance of what these writings are saying. It has given me even more hope that he will return even though he said he would. Our contract reflects the consistent desire to pursue a relationship even though he had to leave for awhile to get his life together. He asked me to stay calm, have faith in him and that he wouldn’t be away long but the longing and fear were strangling me. I know he is the one but my insecurity and lack of confidence in myself caused me to fall apart. He hasn’t told me once that he misses me or anything but reading that he will not has lifted me up out of the deep depression I was in. I have the feeling that he is missing from me, not just gone. I have waited my whole life for this person and I will not accept that this was the end, but fear is the devil. These articles gave me great tools about using soulmate strength instead of weakness and it really changed my outlook. You would not believe the similarities not only in our current journey but in life itself and we are both desperate for the lessons of unconditional love, patience and detachment so reading that was my epiphany. I am so grateful to have been able to get help from these articles, you have no idea the weight that has been lifted from my spirit, my mind and my heart.


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