When You Can’t Find Your Soulmate

When you can’t find your soulmate it’s very frustrating.

You feel like you’ve been searching for them for a what seems like an eternity.

Why haven’t you found them yet? What must you do to find your soulmate?

Many of you have either spent a lot of time alone waiting for them to show up. Or, you’ve been in one relationship after another that didn’t work out. So now you want to know what specific reasons may stop you from finding your soulmate. Also, you would like to know what steps your must take to find your soulmate partner.


We can say that many of you are getting in the way of finding your soulmate. Now we’re not saying it’s all your fault. But you can actually create blocks and delays preventing a real soulmate relationship from entering your life.

If you waste your time with the wrong people, in the wrong relationships, you definitely put your energy into making a relationship work with the wrong person. Let’s face it, one person cannot make any relationship work all by themselves. It always takes two. In the case of the wrong relationship, no amount of energy spent can truly make them work.

Wouldn’t it be better to free yourself to find the right one who has a greater potential to be your soulmate? You can’t find your soulmate when you are so caught up in a dysfunctional relationship.

Sometimes though, the universe will throw your soulmate into your life when you’re involved with the wrong person, to help you end it once and for all. This way your soulmate will serve as the catalyst for changes you need to move forward with your life.

If you don’t let go of a relationship that’s no longer serving you, you could lose your soulmate. They are only going to wait so long for you to end your other relationship. They may accept your excuses and procrastination for a while, but not forever.

You could be mistaking the wrong person for a soulmate. Sometimes our desire to be with the wrong person is so great because we feel a connection to them. Because of that, we can mistakenly believe they’re soulmates.

When You Can't Find Your Soulmate
When You Can’t Find Your Soulmate

In these situations we should all run for the hills. It’s time to stop trying to fit a round peg into a square hole.There is, however, a reason for this wrong person being in your life. This karmic relationship is designed to teach and show you this isn’t where you’re supposed to be. You deserve better. It’s time to stop accepting less and demand more.


Looking for the wrong things in a partner can also keep you from finding your soulmate. If your main criteria are that they’re rich, great looking and have a beautiful home, you may be putting obstacles in the way of meeting a soulmate. Your soulmate can be good looking, have money and drive a gorgeous house. Then again, they may not.

Do you want to settle down with someone who can give you the finer things in life? Or would you rather find your soulmate? If so, you may have to forgo some of your other criteria and accept them as they are. You can’t find your soulmate if you’re really looking for the wrong characteristics for a true soul connection.

You may not believe soulmates actually exist. Of course your opinion will change when you do find one. If you’re not open to connecting with your soulmate, the universe may put them on hold until you are. What’s the point in bringing a soulmate relationship into your life if you’re not ready for it?

If you really want to find your soulmate, do what you can to help bring them into your life. Stop creating obstacles for them.


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