Why Do Men Withdraw: When Your Soulmate Pulls Back

Why do men withdraw? What do you do when the person you are in a relationship pulls back from you? It is a very uncomfortable feeling and when you are deeply connected to someone, like when you are in a soulmate relationship, the pullback feeling can be very difficult to deal with for even the bravest of souls. So many times people call for us a psychic reading because their soulmate pulls back in the relationship. About 98% of the time it happens to women who are in relationships with men.

For one reason or another, which we will highlight below, the guy in the relationship ends up pulling back and withdrawing 2-4 months from the beginning of the relationship. Things always start of great. There is lots of communication; he calls and texts daily and you spend a lot of time together… as you get to know one another on the earthly plane. Things seem to be happily zipping along and then… BAM!!!! out of nowhere he  stops calling. He stops texting. Your daily communication is now reduced to three days a week and you only see each other on the weekends. After so much togetherness, you feel as if the bottom has fallen out of your world.

You feel as if he has literally pulled the rug from beneath your feet. Because a soulmate relationship is so strong from the connection perspective , you feel him energetically detach from you. Because your connection is so strong you feel as if there is a wall there between you now or as if a part of you is missing. Energetically and telepathically you try to feel for him but you can’t. You begin to fear he may not be there anymore and agonize if he is going to break up with you, talking to an ex or courting someone new. You try to blame yourself and torment yourself with a myriad of things you could have possibly done to offend, upset or anger him. Why do men withdraw? What caused him to retreat from you? What?  Here are some of the reasons soulmates may need to pull back a little bit after dating for a few months.

why men with draw

Why Do Men Withdraw

1. After having a reality check he decides things need to slow down a bit. When your first met there was great chemistry, the connection was overwhelming and so you spent a lot of time together getting to know each other. He let a lot of things in his life go so he could spend a lot of time with you. After all, he feels the connection also.

He stopped cutting his lawn, cleaning his place, watering the plants and spending time with his friends. When he withdraws he is not showing you he does not want to spend time with you he is just refocusing his attention back to the things he has neglected while he was spending so much time with you. So he did not withdraw  because he does not want to spend time with you, he is having to restore balance to his life out of necessity.

2.  He tells you how great you are. All the time.You are the best thing that ever happened to him and he knows it. He has waited all his life for someone like you. You are “The One” and is ready to start planning a future with you. You are on cloud-9 because you are so happy that this dream relationship with your soulmate is coming together. Then he wigs out and disappears. He vanishes into thin air. He does not call or communicate. He does not return your calls, texts or emails. He ghosts you and it feels like shit.

You feel as if your world has come to an end. One day you were planning your future with your soulmate and now he has disappeared like the dinosaurs. Why? His feelings got in the way, he saw his future laying out before him and quite frankly it scared him. He wasn’t really ready for it even though he told you time and again that he was.  This is the crisis point of the soulmate relationship we have discussed in Why Are  Soulmate Relationships So Difficult? What he does and how he does it will determine if he is growing and evolving into a mature, responsible person who can invest his emotions into a real romantic relationship. While he is in his crisis point however, the only thing you can do is stay focused on yourself realizing you have no control in the situation. Furthermore, the point for you is to not lose control as this happens. You have your own set of lessons and growth during this period of soulmate separation.

why do men withdraw and pull back

Why Do Men Withdraw and Pull Back

3. He is pulling back because something happened in his life. He is having job drama, trauma and chaos, family issues or medical problems. As women we like to share our issues with our friends, talking about different experiences and seeking their advice. Men like to shut down and shut up even when they are in a soulmate relationship. They want to be left alone in the man cave while they deal with their little dramas. When men are faced with money and career issues it affects their self-esteem as most men define who they are through their jobs. Offering to help or saying are will be there for them will not make the situation better. Again you are at the point of soulmate separation anxiety and you must try to figure out what the life lesson or personal growth experience is here for you.

Remember this is something you contracted before being born and something you decided to experience with him so the two of you could grow individually before you come back together to continue your soulmate relationship. Instead of worrying about why he is being distant and if he will ever call again, take your own personal power back and focus on yourself, your kids, your friends or a personal project. This is more than likely what the separation is about anyway to help you learn to cope in a relationship when the man withdraws. Sure we understand it feels lonely when he goes into the man cave and it is a very uncomfortable feeling to feel that disconnect of the soulmate energy connection, but pursuing him into that man cave to try to pull him out will only push him further in.




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