Feeling Your Soulmate Pull Away Can Trigger You

Feeling your soulmate pull away causes a lot of anxiety for their partner.

The connection they share is a new experience for both parties. Neither is fully prepared for everything that comes with it.

When you feel a soulmate pull away, try not to panic. Don’t jump to the conclusion that it’s about you, or it reflects their feelings about you. Just because you feel your soulmate pull away doesn’t mean you have to take action. There are many reasons why all couples have a member that withdraws a bit from time to time.

The difference is, not all couples feel it the same way as soulmates.


We all have to pull away our energies from relationships from time to time. It’s no different with soulmates. We may have a child who is ill, a family member in crisis, financial issues or work problems. When things such as these crop up in our lives, we focus all our energy there. Right now we feel we need to give 100% at the time. So when we put all our energy elsewhere, a soulmate feels us pull away and can feel soulmate separation anxiety.

Is this something to get alarmed over? No. This is simply how life works.

Feeling Your Soulmate Pull Away Feels Like Crap
Feeling Your Soulmate Pull Away Can Trigger You

But all too often soulmates go into panic mode because they feel the distance when their soulmate pulls away. Situations such as this are temporary. It’s unnecessary worrying yourself thinking this is a permanent situation. Try putting yourself in their position and you’d probably pull away as well.

Before making the situation worse, check your emotions and use logic. Can’t you understand why they’re directing their energy at family, career or medical emergency? Can you support them instead of making it all about you? What they need right now is support and understanding, not your insecurity. Don’t over analyze things. If they have a good reason to be distracted, let it be for now.


We’re all human. It’s hard to balance our lives, especially when a stressful situation comes up that we’re unprepared for. At times like these our soulmates don’t need unnecessary drama. We don’t need to make their situation worse than it is. Taking it personally allows our insecurities to cause misunderstandings and miscommunication. We also have to allow our soulmates to handle their situations the way they feel is best.

Perhaps you want your soulmate to help you in times of crisis. You may want them to listen to your problems because that’s what you need at the time. They, on the other hand, may not want your help and feel it’s best to handle things by themselves. They may not be ready, willing or able to talk about what’s going on and how they feel about it. That should be alright with you. They’re not you. And, quite honestly, this isn’t about you. Your way isn’t the right or the best way. It’s just your way.

Don’t get upset at them for not handling things the way you think they should. Give them what they need, instead of what you think they should need. If you feel your soulmate pull away, then space may be exactly what they need. So give it to them. That’s how you show support for someone else. When all is said and done, your soulmate relationship should go right back to normal. So don’t stress too much about it now.

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