Holding Grudges Between Soulmates Destroys Your Relationship

Holding grudges between soulmates can keep a relationship from moving forward. Just like any other relationship, it creates an atmosphere of negativity.

This prevents the relationship from growing stronger over time. If either soulmate is holding onto grudges they’re not allowing wounds the opportunity to heal. If emotional or mental wounds don’t heal, they get worse. Just like physical wounds.


If you’re going to continue with a relationship, what sense does it make to hold on to old grudges? It stops the healing process. What do you in the long run other than unhappiness? You can’t be truly present, and truly happy in the relationship, if you’re holding a grudge against your soulmate. If you have forgiven them enough to resume or continue the relationship, isn’t it time to let go of past mistakes?

Holding Grudges Between Soulmates
Holding Grudges Between Soulmates

It’s reasonable to hold a grudge for a while if your soulmate has made big or numerous mistakes in the past and you need to rebuild trust. Totally understandable. They need to earn back your trust and show you they’re truly sorry. They need to demonstrate they won’t repeat those mistakes again. This makes perfect sense.

At what point do you forgive them?

Can you really forgive them if you’re still holding a grudge? You can’t, can you? Sometimes holding a grudge can backfire on you. Your soulmate may feel like they were never truly forgiven. And if they’re going to be forever punished for something, why not just do it again? You don’t want to manifest that kind of behavior again by not letting go of the past. If you expect to be truly forgiven by your soulmate, then you need to truly forgive your soulmate as well.


You can’t change the past. It is what it is. Don’t let it define the future course of your soulmate relationship. Let go of the anger. Start rebuilding trust and faith in each other. Give your soulmate credit for changing their ways. Accept and believe their apology. Acknowledge that your soulmate connection was strong enough for the two of you to weather that storm and stay together.

Let the past be a source of strength. Don’t keep holding on to grudges and let them weaken your relationship. The two of you have made it this far, and can beat obstacle in your way if you do it together. Drop the baggage, and your soulmate journey will be lighter and easier.

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