Rebuilding Your Soulmate Relationship

Rebuilding your soulmate relationship is not an easy task. Soulmate relationships can be very destructive when things are going wrong. This makes rebuilding seem like a monumental undertaking. Soulmates love hard and can fight hard too. As much as they can be crazy in love, they can be just as crazy when things are going rough.


After the acting out and shenanigans, a soulmate relationship can be left in ruins. Some don’t survive, and the relationship is too far gone for rebuilding. In so many cases though it may seem like an uphill battle. And it is. Soulmates have a unique connection.  For all the effort they put into leveling their union to the ground they will happily put effort into rebuilding their soulmate relationship. So it is doable.

The more damage you let your soulmate inflict on you and the connection, the longer you will spend rebuilding your soulmate relationship. And rebuilding is tough. Don’t kid yourself.

Rebuilding Your Soulmate Relationship
Rebuilding Your Soulmate Relationship

Both soulmates have to be on the same page and ready for the rebuilding to begin. It’s so frustrating when one seems hell bent on ruining the relationship while the other wants to fix it.

At times like these it’s fruitless to try and fix it. If your soulmate is in sabotage mode, your best bet is to retreat. It may sound drastic, but for the time being it is best to withdraw for a while until they settle down. You don’t want things to get worse, you want them to get better, so stay away. If talking or being reasonable didn’t work before, it won’t work now.

So many things can cause a soulmate relationship to spiral downwards.

When the dust settles, you and your soulmate need to get to work. The destructive behavior is now a habit. It’s hard to change our behaviors once they become our norm. But it’s possible.

If the relationship with your soulmate is important enough to you both, seek professional help. A counselor can help both of you while you’re rebuilding your soulmate relationship. They can offer help and advice to assist you in changing your behaviors so they don’t rear their ugly head again.


Rebuilding is all about change, and you’re both going to have to change how you act and how you react. Learn your triggers, because your soulmate already has. Work on how you react to bad behavior and what triggers your own.

You need to learn how to communicate properly. Both of you need to learn how to speak and be heard, and how to shut up and listen. You need to be able to trust one another again, and treat one another with respect and love.

That will help in the rebuilding of the intimacy (not just the sex) in the relationship. You need to remind yourself how much your soulmate means to you. You also need to remind yourself what life would really be like without them.

Instead of focusing on the things they do that make you nuts, look for things you would sorely miss if they were gone. A change of attitude goes a long way. Take steps toward maintaining a healthy soulmate relationship. This process of rebuilding your soulmate relationship can take a long time, but the rewards are worth it.


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