Blind to the Truth About Your Soulmate?

Are you blind to the truth about your soulmate?

When we’re in spiritually connected relationships we tend to only see their good side. Since we’re unable to see them clearly we refuse to see them as they really are. We see them through the illusion created by using the soulmate connection. This illusion makes us blind to the truth.

No matter how bad things get, we only see their good side. We constantly defend their bad behavior by bringing up their good qualities. We see them as if we are wearing soulmate glasses.


When we’re in a soulmate relationship we tend to focus only on the good in our partners. We disregard and discard any red flag or bad behavior. We see them through the lens of the illusion created by our soulmate glasses.

The soulmate connection doesn’t give someone the justification to mistreat you. Their mistreatment can come in many forms and usually occurs early on in the relationship. When we finally see bad behavior we’ve been in a relationship with them for a while. We think this is just a fluke and assume they will return back to their old selves any minute.

In the beginning everything is great. It always is as you both enjoy experiencing your special connection. You spend a lot of time together and you talk and text daily. You have deep discussions about your connection and how great it is. And you make exciting plans for your future together.

Then after some weeks, or months, things start to shift. It now changes into what is more realistic in terms of the relationship. The amount of communication may decline due to busy schedules. Although you still see each other regularly, it may not have the frenzy it did in the beginning of the relationship.

This isn’t an indication that something is wrong. It doesn’t signify your soul connection is waning either. You have just arrived at the more realistic place for your relationship to exist. There is no reason to worry, it’s just about creating a space for your new relationship in your life.


However, your soulmate could shift into the space where they become a less than ideal partner. If this happens, how do you view them? Do you see them realistically? Or do you see through your soulmate glasses? You may be more tolerant of bad behavior from a soulmate. But do you see them realistically in relation to how you value yourself?

Are You Blind to the Truth About Your Soulmate?
Are You Blind to the Truth About Your Soulmate?

If they start taking you for granted, do you make excuses saying they’re just overwhelmed with work? Have they stopped spending quality time with you and instead treat you as if you’re low priority? And if so, do you slough it off because the sex is great and you have incredible chemistry? Are they verbally or emotionally abusive but you excuse it because they’re your soulmate?

Seeing soulmates through soulmate glasses allows us to forgive the little flaws we see here and there. We can forgive the misunderstandings, miscommunications, missed communications and showing up late. Because of the soulmate connection we tolerate more. So we put up with more crap than we would from a non-spiritual connection.

That should not be the nature of the soulmate relationship. We should have higher expectations of ourselves and our partner in a spiritual connection. By the same token, just like with any other relationship, we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.


There are some behaviors, however, where we have the right to take off the soulmate glasses. And it’s time to see the situation realistically.

  1. If you soulmate cheats on you.
  2. When they go back to an ex.
  3. If they can’t decide what they want and take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.
  4. When they make you feel devalued, degraded or just plain flat out disgusted.
  5. If they refuse to work through issues and address bad behavior.

Sometimes seeing the reality of your relationship can be difficult and confusing. The illusion, created by the soulmate connection, can often mask what is really happening.

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