Holidays Without Your Soulmate

The holidays are often a hard time for soulmates.

If you have lost a soulmate, it may be very tempting to reach out to them during this time. As the holidays approach, it’s a time for us to think about what means the most to us. That is usually our relationships. And this includes soulmate connections, friendships and family.


If you find yourself alone during the holiday season, because your soulmate can’t or won’t be with you, it can be a very difficult time. But the good news is that during the holidays we often get communication from soulmates who are estranged from us.

The bond that connects soulmates is a hard one to break. We can’t help but think of all the special people in our lives during the festivities. Many people wonder if they should place a call or send a text to their missing soulmate. Many others are tempted to buy a gift, or a card, to send to their soulmate to wish them happy holidays.


Holidays Without Your Soulmate
Holidays Without Your Soulmate

We wonder if our soulmate is enjoying this most wonderful time of the year. We ponder if there’s someone new in their life. Do they miss our presence in their lives, the same way we do them?

Is it a good idea to be the bigger person? Could wishing our soulmates “Happy Holidays” bring about a reconciliation? Or could it open the doors of communication? Would this be a good idea to break the ice? In some cases, the idea is a good one. In others, it can make the situation worse.

If you attempt to contact your soulmate and they don’t respond it can make the holidays even worse. So what should you do? Each situation, and all soulmate relationships, are different. So the answer is never a one-size-fits-all answer.


With the coming of New Year’s Day so many people look back on the past year and want the next one to be different. They want the current year, if it has been a miserable one, to come to a close. They look at the New Year like a clean slate. But if they start out the new year by making mistakes, they could end up with an even worse year than the last one.

That’s why it is so important to start your new year off right. Begin with looking at yourself. What changes would you like to create in your life that involve no one else? Focus on just you for now. By creating positive changes in yourself, and in your life, you can then set off changes in those around you.

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Originally posted on 2020-11-15 @ 5:17 pm

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