Soulmate Stress

Soulmate stress is a lot different from mundane relationship stress. Because of the heightened awareness, the all-encompassing emotions, and the profound connection, stress created in soulmate relationships is in a class of its own. Any relationship can make you lose your mind to a certain degree, but when it comes to soulmate stress, people often find themselves at a place where they don’t recognize who the are. Soulmate relationships can literally drive them crazy.

Soulmate stress can lead people to do things they never have done before. Soulmate stress causes people allow negative behaviors they would never tolerate from another human being. Soulmate stress can make a person experience fears they never felt in any other relationship. Soulmate stress can make people who were confident become very, very insecure. So why does this happen?

Soulmate Stress

Soulmate Stress

For some reason, people have used the connection they have with a soulmate as an excuse for bad decisions and behaviors. They feel that because of the soulmate connection they have an excuse to lower their standards. This belief is the primary cause of soulmate stress.

How can you possibly think the Universe would create a connection between you and someone else that would cause you to lower yourself? It wouldn’t, that’s not how the Universe works. You chose to do it, and in choosing the excuses over your own inner strength, you create soulmate stress.

Now it isn’t your fault your soulmate may be adding stress to your relationship. That blame is on them. But what you do in response to that stress, well that’s all on you. You can follow them down the rabbit hole, or you can keep your feet firmly planted in reality. The faith you have in your soulmate experience is for you to use productively. When you lose that faith, and dwell in fear, you behave destructively. That may be why your sou mate is bringing stress into your relationship.

Do you think it is a good idea that you do it too? Shouldn’t you lead by example and show your soulmate your faith to combat their fear? That would be a much wiser choice and would help take the stress out of the relationship.
The bottom line is that stress can come with any relationship. Life isn’t easy, and neither are relationships. How you handle them predicts your future path in your relationship.

You can handle soulmate stress in a way that you do not allow damage to perpetuate itself. You can also handle it in a way that you don’t contribute to it, nor are responsible for further damage. Or, you can get caught up in fear, anxiety, stress, obsessing and throw gasoline on an already raging fire. Worrying about a situation causes stress. That is all it creates.

Worrying and feeling stress doesn’t give you the state of mind to make good decisions. It makes you weak and it makes you lack clarity. When you are in an emotional state you may find yourself making matters worse. Every soulmate needs to understand that almost all relationships come with stress. That does not have to break you as a couple. Relying on one another, getting support from one another, and getting through stressful time together can actually make a couple stronger. So the choice is yours. Either let soulmate stress make you a stronger couple with a solid bond, or a weaker couple.

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  1. Oh the stress is killing me! I had no idea it would be like this. It never was with anyone else before. I thought soulmates did not go through stress like this!

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