Soulmate Relationships: Its the Journey not the Destination

Soulmate relationships are deeply mystifying and thoroughly rewarding experiences. Many people want that connection to someone who only soulmate relationships can bring, but very often don’t know what is required to obtain it. Very often we have seen people project their desires for soulmate relationships when just meeting someone new. Sometimes these actually will be soulmate relationships, but sometimes they will not. Not everyone we meet, date or go out with ends up being a soulmate. It just can’t be that way because that is not the way the Universe works.

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”  ~~ Ernest Hemingway

There also seems to be a big rush in the development of relationships these days. Many people seem to think that you should go from the dating stage to the relationship stage very quickly, and become frustrated when it does not happen that way. People from all over the world ask us all the time:

  • We have been on three dates now, when will he tells me he loves me?
  • I am tired of waiting for him, if he does not get with the program soon, he will lose me.
  • When will my soulmate ask me to marry him?
  • I would feel more secure if he would call me his girlfriend, when will that happen?
  • We have been talking online for two months, but never met in person, is he thinking about marriage already?

Rather than having a discussion of timing here as we have discussed that is several other postings, we would just like to ask… what is the rush? Sure we understand that you are tired of being single, or ready to settle down and have kids, or plan your wedding with your dream guy, but does putting a status on the relationship, or actually being able to say you are IN a relationship, make you a better person? Are you not perfectly defined and formed now in the way the Divine created you? Just in case you don’t know, the answer is YES!

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”  ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

soulmate relationships journey not destination

Soulmate Relationships: Journey not Destination

We are all here on this planet to grow as spiritual beings by having human experiences. As we have these experiences, especially in the form of soulmate relationships, we grow and evolve to become better people. And what you learn along the way is very, very important. We date so we can get to know someone. Getting to know someone takes time. So many relationships fail because so many are misled to believe that if you have a whirlwind romance and get married after three months, it must mean they are deeply in love. The chances of this happening are very limited.

When you are getting to know someone you are learning about them. You learn about their favorite foods, cars, music and movies. But you are also learning about them, and their personality.  Romance and relationships has ups and downs. It will not always be up. It can’t be. He won’t always be in a great mood, and want to talk on the phone all the time. He may have always hung out with you in the beginning of your dating experience, but now two months in he wants to hang with his buddies. How you feel about that and deal with that, are important to this relationship.

As you spend time together, communicate and get to know each other through dating, you are taking the right path toward creating your relationship. During the dating phase you will begin to have a deeper understanding for each other and see what you are each individually about. Through the course of the relationship there will be challenges that need to be overcome between the two of you. This is all part of the process. You will both learn lessons along this journey together, and sometimes apart, but this is the part that is much more important than its final destination. This is part of the journey of building and defining soulmate relationships. Just remember to enjoy the journey as you are getting to know the soulmate with whom you may very well spend the rest of your life.



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  3. You make a lot of sense. There are no shortcuts on the soulmate journey. Every bump in the road is a lesson to be learned, and we choose our path along the way.

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