Is Your Soulmate Ready for a Soulmate Relationship?

Is your soulmate ready for a relationship? Many times soulmates aren’t ready to get a relationship moving. When they’re unable to accept and acknowledge your connection it can leave you in an emotional mess. Many people contact us to inquire what can be done to facilitate the journey down the path of soulmate bliss. Unfortunately, you can’t do anything.


You can’t make your soulmate ready and you can’t help them become ready. The only thing you can do is allow them the time or space they need to become ready. Long-winded discussions, in almost all cases, will do absolutely nothing to make your soulmate become ready for a relationship. So stop trying to convince them and stop pleading your case. If they want space, then give it to them. You may feel that is the hardest thing to do, but in reality it’s not.

Is Your Soulmate Ready
Is Your Soulmate Ready

The hardest thing on your relationship is trying to force it when someone is resisting you. It causes more damage, ruins self-esteem and creates bad habits. And those are very hard to break further down the road. Giving them time, although difficult on your end, is the smartest thing to do. Show them the confidence you claim to have in your connection with your actions instead of your words. If you want them to believe you should be together, then show them your faith, instead of chasing after them because of your fears.


There are endless reasons your soulmate may not be ready for the relationship. They may need to get out of another relationship before they’re free to be with you. Or they may need to heal from a past relationship that caused them a lot of drama, trauma and chaos. They could be paralyzed by fear, spooked by the connection and intensity of feelings.

Your soulmate may have to focus on family issues or a serious illness of someone close to them. Your soulmate may be going through a bitter divorce or child custody battle. They could be trying to control the relationship by saying they’re not ready for you. Soulmates tend to shake things up. And let’s face it, it can be scary and make you question your own sanity.

It really doesn’t matter why. Any reason they present is not a good enough reason. So ultimately it won’t make a difference. It can’t change how they feel, regardless of what you or they believe. So instead of obsessing about reasons why they’re not ready, or wondering when they’ll be ready, focus on something else.

You already got the red flag they’re going to challenge you in this relationship. That is going to take your inner strength, not your weakness, to surmount those challenges. Stay strong, and stay focused on the right things so that you’ll be ready when they are.


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  1. My soulmate, my husband, died. I feel so lost, like part of me actually died too. I honestly don’t ever want another love. I’m waiting to be with him again in Heaven when God calls me home.

  2. I don’t think they are. They keep acting like they are and then they ghost me and my heart breaks every time.


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